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I recently purchased two journals so that I could start documenting my life as a mom.  The first is My Quotable Kid, a journal to quickly jot down all those unforgettable moments, the funny things they say and sometimes embarrassing things they share.  Although I won’t be using this book for a while, seeing as my son is a whopping 10 months old, I thought I’d keep it handy for when that day does come.  The second journal is called Mom’s Five-Second Memory Journal.  I absolutely love this journal already.  It’s full of topics and questions that help you record your life as a mom.  Although the point of the journal is to provide busy moms (as if there is any other type of mom) with a quick and easy way to capture their thoughts and memories, I found myself wanting to fill out the whole thing right away.  What I love most is knowing that in a few years, I’ll get to look back through the journal at all of my entries, and see how much I’ve grown.  I’ll get to relive those memories that often get fuzzy.


Whether you’re a mother of two kids, five kids, or expecting your first…I truly believe journaling your experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly, can be so eye opening.  In a way, a lot of us do this already with social media.  We post about the tantrum our kid had at the store, about our mommy wins and sometimes fails, we share our likes and dislikes, and we may even share about our embarrassing fall in the parking lot.  Whatever it may be, we share these things because it’s what makes us who we are and its what makes us smile.

My challenge for you is to pick up a journal and start recording your life (you can find the link to the one’s I purchased below or just use a regular notebook).  Oftentimes the things we start to forget are the details.   I have no doubt when my kids are older and leave the nest, I will cherish the details that bring back the memories so vividly.

That one time I dressed my son up as Dave Ramsey for his first halloween.
That one time I dressed my son up as Dave Ramsey for his first Halloween.

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

  1. Today my greatest victory was…
  2. Three things I cannot live without…
  3. I learned this the hard way…
  4. I’ll never forget the first time…
  5. You have an hour to yourself, how do you spend it?

Links to the journals I mentioned:

Other Journals to look into:

 What other questions would you add to the list?  Or, what other journals/books you would recommend?

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I’m Aubrey! A wife who makes her husband watch chick flicks, owner of the largest lap dog named Handy, and mother of an adorable roly-poly baby boy Emerson Creed. I live just out of reach from Target and Starbucks in the small town of Ada, OK. I’m a professional photographer and former Marketing Director. A New Mexican at heart, I put green chili in just about everything I cook. In my not so spare time, I love trying to be crafty, drinking generous amounts of coffee, stashing candy, dancing & singing around my house like I’m in a musical, and sporting yoga pants whenever and wherever I can. I truly love being a mother and have come to the realization that I will probably embarrass my son at some point (or points) in the future.


  1. Wow, I sure wishes I would have done this when my girls were little. There were so many things I would love to re-read now! Great idea Aubrey!


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