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This post is sponsored by GoPeer, but the experience + review are all our own. Use code CITYMOM20 for $20 tutoring credit and free 7 day trial!

GoPeer TutoringReal talk, mamas: I did home/virtual schooling with my kiddos from March of 2020 through September of 2021, along with thousands of other mamas in the metro. That’s 18 long months of teaching my kiddos all the things. All the reading, all the math, all the science, all. the. things. Now, I realize that many mamas are passionate about homeschooling, or you know, good at it….but this….was never my dream. Or skill set. (Hats off to you mamas who do this on the regular).

I sent my children off to school this fall with glee (and a fair amount of trepidation), but with the confidence that we had settled on the right educational choices for our children. The thing is, they haven’t spent much time in a classroom in the past 18 months. It soon became obvious that while I seemed to do an at least “passing” job teaching my elementary school-aged kiddos, “Mom’s Math” was not sufficient for my 10th grade daughter.

When her geometry grades kept coming back lower than what she hoped for, it was time for some outside help. I may be a mama with a Master’s degree, but sophomore level geometry is just beyond me. I re-taught myself algebra last year, but I’m done. No more of this. That ship has sailed and is never coming back. We needed someone that has taken geometry less than…oh…20 years ago.

So when we were introduced to GoPeer, a high-quality virtual tutoring service, I jumped at the chance to try it out. It sounded so easy – and it actually WAS as easy as it sounded!

Here’s What We Loved:

  • Convenience – You can literally sign up and be connected with an experienced, college-aged tutor within 5-30 minutes. Kiddo have a test tomorrow? You can sign up for GoPeer tonight and your child can get near-immediate help. Not only that, but scheduling is completely on your timetable! You can squeeze in 30 or 60 minute lessons in between extracurriculars and dinner, without ever leaving your own home.
  • Personal connections with college students – GoPeer hires less than 5% of its applicants. The tutors that are available to assist your child are experienced, motivated, and typically attending top-tier colleges and universities across the country. As much as my mama heart wants my daughter to attend community college and live in her childhood bedroom for the next 4-6 years, that’s not who she wants to be. She wants be on the other side of the country, attending a top-tier university. The opportunity to connect her (one-on-one!) with college-age tutors that resemble who she wants to be has been so special. And definitely softened the blow of needing geometry help.
  • Variety – There are over 150 subject areas that your child can receive tutoring in, ranging from your “normal” school subjects to enrichment to state or college testing prep! If it’s education-related, GoPeer offers it.

How It Works:

  1. Create an account here and enter your information! If you’re ready to get started immediately, try clicking “Request a Tutor”. Enter the subject areas you’re looking for, and you will receive responses from tutors within 5-30 minutes! Or, if you’re like me, you might want to poke around the site a bit. Read profiles and reviews of tutors, explore the available subject areas – honestly, everything you’d ever want to know is right there.
  2. Once you receive personalized responses from tutors, you can start chatting immediately! You can even schedule a free 15-minute interview with various tutors to see if your child connects with them. If you think you want a better fit, schedule another interview! If you love the first tutor you chat with, you can schedule as many lessons with them as you’d like!
  3. Once your free trial is over, you pay a monthly membership fee to GoPeer. It’s $48 per month, $36 per month for six months ($216) or $24 per month for a year ($288). This monthly fee covers your entire family; not just one child. This is amazing if you have more than one kiddo that could benefit from some extra tutoring help! You also pay your tutor $20/hour or $10/half-hour, and we love that they keep every penny of that!

Ready to try it out?

Click here and enter code CITYMOM20 for a no-obligation 7-day free trial + $20 personalized tutoring credit!


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