5 Tips for Terrific Train Travel


If you’ve never considered travelling by train, now is the time! The train is both a convenient and an affordable option for travel, and it’s even FUN. You can relax, feed your kids without stopping, and even look out the window at the beautiful sights and small towns along the way.

The Heartland Flyer runs daily from Oklahoma City to Ft. Worth, TX in four hours (and two minutes, for my Type A’s out there). There is only one departure time: 8:25 a.m. and unlike plane travel, you can arrive at the train with just 5 minutes to spare. The return trip arrives back in OKC at 9:25 p.m. making a day trip an option for those of you who don’t mind adjusting bedtime!

Ticket prices vary from $50-98 for a roundtrip ticket, so you will want to buy your tickets in advance for the best rate. Kids ages 2-12 ride half price and kids under 2 are free. If you enjoy your travel, you can join the rewards program and earn points for every dollar you spend – in addition, your kiddos join the Kids Club and receive a free round-trip ticket!

Ready to try train travel? Here are my best tips!

  1. Bring an extra layer (socks for baby, light jacket for you) – it was freezing on the train.
  2. If you’re bringing a carseat and/or stroller, make sure you’ve attached a luggage tag to each item and give yourself a few extra minutes to find a spot for it on the train. I did not bring mine and opted to wear baby, which worked out perfectly!
  3. Although you can bring 2 personal items AND 2 carry-on bags per person PLUS a baby item (diaper bag/car seat), I highly suggest you pack lightly as you have to lug your bags up a flight of stairs inside the train station and a very narrow stairway to get to the upper deck of the train!
    There is plenty of overhead space, but I ended up just keeping my diaper bag in the seat next to me for easy reach. I had one suitcase, a diaper bag, and a large tote and I still had plenty of leg room! You can leave your items in the luggage section, but I was a little nervous to do so.
  4. If you’re traveling with little ones in diapers, make sure to bring a wetbag and/or grocery sack for the dirties. There is no changing table on the train, so I just changed diapers right there in my seat – hence the wetbag.
  5. Bring snacks and water. There is a café on board the train, but it is not exactly healthy or appealing – think packaged roast beef sandwiches and overpriced muffins. If that’s your jam, bring a few bucks!

What to do in Fort Worth?

  • Visit animals at the Fort Worth Zoo
  • Walk through Sundance Square – there is a fun water fountain for the kiddos to play in conveniently located in front of the Starbucks.
  • Meet some cowpokes at the Fort Worth Stockyards and Rodeo
  • See a movie at the Omni
  • Be sure to check out the Fort Worth Moms Blog monthly guide for more fun family activities!



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