There’s No Silver Lining On Black Friday


There's No Silver Lining on Black Friday

Up until last year, I was a black friday virgin.

Before, when I would hear the words “Black Friday”, I was filled with intrigue.  Now when I hear those words, I’m filled with fear and panic, and my fight or flight instinct kicks in.  I went for the first time last year, and, y’all, I just can’t even.

I had no intentions of being involved with Black Friday in any way, shape, or form last year.  However, I made the mistake of glancing over the ads that I had received from a couple of our local stores, and I was immediately pumped.  I thought to myself, “We could save SO much money on Christmas presents!”

They sucked me in, in all of their marketing glory. I mean, really, who doesn’t need a new TV, an oversized trampoline, Power Wheels for the kids, and towels for a buck?  Yes to all of that. Yes, please. So I called my mother-in-law and spread the excitement her way (she’s always my partner in crime), and we made plans to shop until we dropped.

The next day we ducked out of some family time early, (sorry Miss Manners, that was rude.  But there were deals to be HAD) and we headed on over to the local Wal-Mart.

Normally our Wal-Mart is not busy and pretty chill, the Wal-Mart greeter actually plays the harmonica and sings songs when you walk in.  I’m not even kidding.  However, this time Wal-Mart was a completely different realm.  I walked into a place that was in mad disarray.  I’m an introvert at heart, I like one-on-one interaction. I do not like social chaos. And this, my friends, was social chaos.  Complete and utter chaos.  We decided to power through the havoc, we were two ladies on a mission to save a buck or twenty.

We tried to make a game plan to grab a couple of things that were on our list, however, there was really no way to tell where anything was located due to the 109,809,834 people walking around in a state of confusion.  I could not tell which end was up or which way to go, and nothing seemed to be here nor there, or anywhere. I needed a tour a guide to maneuver my way through the madness.

This trampoline was worth it. Almost.

After many wrong turns and much searching, we eventually found a couple of things, and then tried to find our way to the checkout line which spidered it’s way through the aisles.  There was no end to the line in sight.  We waited for what felt like forever, like cattle being led to the slaughterhouse.  Except in this instance, the slaughterhouse was simply our “deals” slaughtering our bank accounts.

We finished checking out, and we left with a feeling of accomplishment.  I wouldn’t say we conquered Black Friday, and I definitely wouldn’t say we are now Black Friday savvy.  However, when it was all said and done, and my kids were having fun jumping on their new trampoline and riding their new Power Wheels, it was almost worth it.  Almost.  But will I be going back though this year? 

Not. A. Chance.


Do you enjoy Black Friday shopping?  What are some tips and tricks you can share to make the shopping go more smoothly?



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