The Facebook Façade: A Peek Behind The Smoke and Mirrors


I don’t live a perfect life, but If you looked at my Facebook page you might get the idea that my life is charmed.

This is because I only post the good stuff to my Facebook page. Sure I might post the occasional amusing anecdote or cute quote from my kids, but I sure as heck don’t postThe Facebook Facade the real embarrassments or the real struggles. For example, the other day I posted about my baby purposefully spilling his cheerios all over the floor while I was cleaning out the hall closet. What I deliberately neglected to post was the time my children belched uncontrollably while we were visiting my parents’ church. Burpfest 2014, you see, makes me forfeit my candidacy for the “World’s Greatest Parent” award, so naturally I didn’t share that little gem with all 425 of my nearest and dearest Facebook friends. Cheerios on the floor is cute, loud belches during church is not so cute. That, my friends, is what I am calling the Facebook façade.

The Facebook façade is intentionally leaving out the real life moments to give the appearance that everything is under control, and that everything is looking all hunky-dory on social media posts. I don’t dare post the pictures with dishes, clothes piles staked in the background, or pictures of tantrums thrown in the middle of the stores. I read my friends statuses about how their two month old is sleeping through the night, but I rarely post about how my one-year-old still wakes up at night (which has honestly been a real struggle for me). I post the rainbows and butterflies of motherhood.

I’m not saying that we should all air our dirty laundry. Fights with our spouses, personal issues, and issues with our kids should all stay private. What I’m suggesting is that we all quit photoshopping our lives. Messy houses, dirty clothes, and imperfect parenting are all a part of raising kids, after all. Let’s stop trying to make motherhood look shiny and clean when many times it is the exact opposite.

I live a normal life, my life will not always look like it came straight out of a magazine ad, and I am okay with that. I don’t need my friend from 15 years ago to think that I live in a magical realm where there are no problems and furry animals clean up the trail of messes left behind by my kids. Motherhood is not a dream fairy tale, but often we make it appear this way on Facebook. These type of posts inadvertently cause mothers to sometimes feel inadequate as they stand in their own messy kitchens staring at the stacks of dirty dishes and endless piles of laundry.

So, my dear sisters, shove the enormous laundry pile to the other side of the couch, sit down and enjoy a look at my chaotic reality!

1. If you looked at my Facebook you’d probably think my house is always sparkling clean, when in reality it’s not. Many times before I snap that perfect photo to post on Facebook I do the famous “clean and scoot”. For those mamas whose house is naturally tidy, the “clean and scoot” is where I scoot the toys and clean any stray clothing out of the shot before I dare snap that picture. I have even gone so far as to crop a stack of laundry out of a photo *gasp*!

facebook facade house
Dishes in the sink and junk on my breakfast bar!

2. If you looked at my Facebook you’d probably think my kids are always shiny little angels in matching outfits, when, in reality, a good amount of the time they’re covered from head-to-toe in mud because digging and mud slinging are their favorite activities.  Also, my one-year-old sometimes walks around with a sticky, fruit covered face from drinking the smoothies that he loves.   The other day, our precious redheaded freckle faced neighbor girl told me that he looked like he was a chimney cleaner due to the blueberry smoothie that he had smeared on his chubby cheeks.  As for my kids, they wear strange and mismatched outfits which they proudly pick out themselves. However, messy faces and mismatched clothes are not the pictures that I choose to post on Facebook.

facebook facade kids
Another strange outfit combo for these kiddos. At least they are expressing their individuality, right?!

3. If you looked at my Facebook profile you would probably think that I am always perfectly manicured, without a hair out of place. However, in reality I rarely do my hair unless I’m leaving the house. I wear practical clothes, and I save the cute outfits for when I’m out and about. Urped on clothing, sweatpants, and messy hair are a normal part of motherhood. When I’m at home I’m generally au-naturel. I don’t try to look like a model.  I’m a real life mom with real life yoga pants and real life bags under my eyes 90 percent of the time.

facebook facade me
No makeup, a crying baby, and headstands are just some of the things that are apart of my daily reality!

I’m going to make an effort to keep it real on Facebook. Sure, I’ll still go ahead and post the good things, those are essential and important to remember! However, I’m going to post the everyday pictures as well. After all, the unedited and everyday life photos are just as meaningful. So from now on, less cropping out the laundry and more pictures of my raw, but real, life.  I’m doing my best to say “adios” to the Facebook façade, which has been a fair weather friend, if you ask me.

I asked the other contributors if they had any “What I Posted VS My Real Life” photos they would like to share, and the results are hilarious!  Check them out!

facebook facade KF new


Facebook Facade KI

Facebook Facade KG

facebook facade k baby

facebook facade m

Do you give into the Facebook façade? We would love to see your “Facebook Façade VS My Real Life” photos!



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