Thankful for Social Distance, I Mean Thanksgiving 2020


Well, moms, the holidays are upon us. Though I have yet to hear the BC Clark jingle, my calendar shows the festivities begin in a few days. By now, no one has to say it, WE KNOW. 2020 S-T-I-N-K-S. So can we just pause for a moment and give thanks it’s almost over?

This is history in the making, and one day my children and grandchildren will be sitting around the table discussing what Thanksgiving was like during the pandemic. I am constantly reminding myself how I react is shaping their future.

My family hosts or attends 3 Thanksgiving dinners each year. We start early with donuts and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (which has been canceled), and the day ends late at night reheating leftovers and playing games. Having an adult child who is severely immunocompromised, and a sister in law battling cancer, this year will have to be different.

We love getting together, but on the other hand, I am also the same party animal that seriously contemplates stuffing the turkey with Prozac most Thanksgivings. I kid, but as much as I love to host a family get-together, I also know the amount of work I will be putting into hosting. 

So as much as I despise everything 2020 has stolen from me and my family, I am focusing on seeking the positives in all things and making this socially distanced Thanksgiving the absolute best I can make it.

Instead of the traditional Macy’s Day parade, we will make a huge fort out of chairs and sheets in the middle of the living room floor and have a slumber party. We can watch old videos of when mom and dad were young, or when the kids were born. Maybe even mom and dad’s wedding videos. Donuts are for sure still going to happen.

I am not gonna lie, the thought of not having to wash 500 dishes is appealing. I also know so many small businesses are struggling, so this year I am having most of my food catered by small businesses. The turkey smoked by Rolling Smoke BBQ, desserts made by Rori Paige Sweet Treats-I’m talking the best cakes, pies, and y’all – hot chocolate bombs!! 

I am going to put together baskets of food and set them on the porches of the family members who cannot leave their homes.

We will zoom our meal together. Is it the same? No, but having all the beautiful faces together at the table, via a tablet, will be something we can laugh about in the future. 

We can share what we are grateful for and come together to bless the food before us. 

After dishes are clean and hopefully a nap can be had by all, we can zoom again for family game time.

I researched some of the best games to play over zoom. 

Bingo (I will send bingo cards and markers along with the food baskets that morning) I still get to buy fun bingo gifts and will have another excuse for a porch visit when we deliver to the winners! 

Charades  (This is great for all ages, too)
Guess Who is a website that you can select card games, invite players, and play on your link.

I see this time of year on social media the question asked, “What are your family traditions?” Though I am sure you have one or two, I hope this year you discover some new ones, that quite possibly can bring peace to what is usually a crazy busy time of year. 

I wish you and your family good health, safety, and an abundance of blessings this Thanksgiving. 



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I like to color outside the box. House keeping is not my spiritual gift, but I love to make food for my friends in times of trouble, or just because! I love Jesus a lot and am constantly working on my mouth. My filter is extra small. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be married to my wonderful husband. My two grandsons are “Sugars” buddies. Bug, dirt, chaos and all. I probably love my dog more than most people. If you need a reason to smile, I will give you two! And if you hang around me any time at all, I’ll make you laugh, probably at my own expense. I’m a glass overflowing person 95% of the time, but I struggle with depression, which comes with being a former drug addict. I celebrated 12 years clean in December. I love to write, cook, laugh and craft!


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