Summer Season Safety


Thank you to our partner, Blackmon Mooring, for working with Oklahoma City Moms Blog on this sponsored post with great tips for summer safety! 

If you have lived in Oklahoma for any length of time, you know it can get unbearably hot.  There are times where lounging in your living room directly under the fan is really the only acceptable past-time.  However, with young kids at home, safety is quite possibly the number one thing that all parents are aware of, summer time or not.  It just seems that summertime is the pinnacle of the safety season since we deal with ridiculously high temperatures.  We are on high alert at the pool, and constantly spraying our children with sunscreen, bug spray and more. How do we keep all of the safety information straight? Blackmon Mooring has put together this handy guide with excellent information for staying safe this summer, in addition to summer activities, crafts, entertaining, home cleaning and more in Home is the Heart of the Summer: A How to Guide for Soaking up the Season.

HeatSafetyWaterHeat Safety

We all know how hot it can get outside without the aid of our A/C to help keep us cool. I admit that sometimes I can go for a few long stretches without making sure my kids drink water, which is a big no-no!  To help keep them safe, keeping them hydrated is absolute key. This graphic is an excellent reminder to fill up those water bottles time and time again!  I do make my kids come inside during the “heat of the day” so we aren’t at maximum exposure of the sun, which is usually 11am – 3pm.  If you have early risers, hit the park during the morning hours, come home for lunch and then do indoor activities until later in the afternoon.  Dress them appropriately, never leave them in the car and find areas to cool them off quickly if you suspect they are overheated.

Sun Safety

Since sun and heat go hand in hand, a few simple reminders for keeping your kids protected is key.  Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF.  SPF 15 blocks out 93% of sun’s rays, while SPF 30 blocks out 97%. You still need sunscreen on cloudy days, water-resistant sunscreen doesn’t last forever (reapply after 80 minutes), and apply sunscreen approximately 30 minutes before heading out. Hats, sunglasses and appropriate clothing also protect as barriers to the sun’s rays. Need to come inside for a few hours?  Have your kids color this Sun Safety printable.

Bicycle Safety

Bike Helmet Safety!Being outside is actually my kids’ favorite past-time, in addition to riding their bikes. This guide is a good reminder for everyone to wear a helmet when riding.  Is your child’s helmet the right size? Are the straps tight? Does the helmet sit level on your child’s head?  If not, it may be time to head over to your favorite outdoor store to purchase a new one.  You can download this Coloring Sheet for Bike Safety of a child wearing his helmet to show your kids the right way to wear it, in addition to checking off all the items on the checklist to ensure child safety.

Bug Spray Safety

Bug Spray has always been confusing to me.  Is Deet okay for my child?  Does it actually repel those nasty insects? What about essential oils or this new ingredient called Picaridin? Make sure you know what you are putting on your child and how long it lasts.  Most of them are safe, according to the Environmental Working Group, and are effective in protecting against insects carrying West Nile and Lyme Diseases.

Not only does the Blackmon Mooring Guide go into more detail about these topics, but they discuss Pet Safety, Water Safety, and Emergency Information and so much more to keep you safe all summer long!




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