Smoothies: Sneaking in the Good Stuff



You know, they say that in Europe, children eat whatever is put in front of them.  In America, not so much.  We most likely cater too much to our children’s food desires.  We all want our kids to eat healthy, but the cold hard truth is, they just don’t sometimes.  So we have to get creative.  The smoothie has become my best ally.  You can hide absolutely anything in a smoothie.  Kale, avocado, wheat germ, flax seed, spinach – anything I tell you.  When it comes to the kitchen, I need a roadmap.  I want to know exactly how much of everything I need to put in and I will most likely not deviate.  But when it comes to smoothies, I have given myself completely freedom to just throw things in, blend, taste, adjust, and blend some more.  The smoothie is your best weapon against picky eaters.  So lets begin.

These are the ingredients I gathered today.  Your staples are yogurt (I prefer greek because of the increased protein) and fruit.  You could just stop right there if you wanted.  But why?  Here I’m adding kale, honey, and wheat germ to crank up the healthy.

SONY DSCNow this is where my type A friends will be challenged.  Don’t worry. I’ve been there.  You can do this.  I don’t have any specific measurements for you.  Use about a half a cup to 1 cup of yogurt and then just start adding your ingredients to your blender.  Take a break, sample and then keep blending and adding until you like the results.  Its that easy.  Honey and a little fruit juice will thin out the mixture if needed.  Frozen fruit or some ice cubes will make it nice and cold.  Avocados and bananas make them smooth and creamy. This is one of the most versatile snacks, breakfast, or treat you can serve up!

Don’t stress when your kids haven’t eaten as good as they should.  Just get creative and do something about it.  Blend them up a top secret smoothie.


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