Orthodontic Associates Mother’s Day Special!

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“Literally in the consultation for my daughter, I made an appointment for myself.  I could tell the care was going to be great and I wanted to do something for myself too!” Jeannie Russell 

Moms, there is always going to be something we can put in front of ourselves. There will always be things that need updated, repaired, or replaced. Always. Something Dr. Archer at Orthodontics Associates said when I was visiting with him during a consultation really resonated with me. He hears adults all the time come in and say, “I could have already been done by now.” Yes orthodontic treatment is an investment of our time and money, but moms, we are worth it. 

Even though I had braces as a teenager, my teeth have shifted as an adult. So when I heard that Orthodontic Associates was going to be having a Mother’s Day special I reached out to a few moms I knew of who had gotten treatment there to find out more about their experience.

Talking with Mom Ali Meyer 

After I spoke with Ali Meyer, an anchor on the News Channel 4 morning show, I felt relieved to know I wasn’t the only grown up looking into getting orthodontic treatment for the second time in my life. She too had braces when she was younger, and over time her teeth have changed. Since she was busy with work and kids, her teeth were something she put off. One day though, Ali made the decision that it was her turn.

Because she is on TV every morning, Invisalign was a perfect option. Invisalign are clear, removable aligners that can be worn throughout the day and taken out when eating or brushing teeth. There are a series of trays that are worn throughout the treatment that gradually straightens the teeth. This worked well for Ali because it allowed her to remove the aligners while she was on air but still wear them the rest of the day. A bonus is that Orthodontic Associates is listed as an elite top 1% provider of Invisalign, treating the highest number of cases annually. I was surprised to learn that her treatment only took about a year. Did it not feel like when we had braces as kids that they were on for a decade? 

I was also glad to find out that those terrible, gross molds that made us gag have been replaced with a scanner. In fact, the entire practice is extremely digital. After the exam for your consultation you will sit down with the doctor to look at a digital image of your teeth currently and a projected image of how they will look after treatment. Even though Orthodontics Associates is cutting edge and high tech, it’s not reflected in the price of the treatments or the personal experience you get from the doctors and staff.


Ali Meyer working in the newsroom with Invisalign
Ali Myer post treatment with her daughter Elliotte









Talking with Mom Jeannie Russell

Jeannie Russell was concerned about getting traditional braces as an adult. After learning about Invisalign during a consultation for her daughter, Selvy, she decided to get it for herself too. As a mom, Jeannie felt that Invisalign for her daughter was a more practical choice. Since Selvy is a dancer it provided more protection for her mouth. And for herself, without Invisalign as an option, Jeannie probably would have never went through with getting any orthodontic treatment. Both Jeannie and Selvy like how the Invisalign is less noticeable than regular braces and how there isn’t any restriction on what they can eat. 

As a working mom, I was concerned about having appointments taking time away from home or work. Jeannie and Selvy let me know that several of their trays were sent home with them. So they only had to go into the office once every 8-10 weeks. The practice has 5 doctors and 3 offices that open before 8 am. The staff also staggers their lunch breaks. Because of the office’s flexible hours and scheduling, appointments were quick and easy. And because there are 5 orthodontists, they can do “team treating”. At least 3 doctors look at each case to ensure the best course of action and that patients get the best results possible.  

Jeannie with daughter, Selvy, wearing their Invisalign. Her son, Ganin, is also in pre-treatment consultation at Orthodontics Associates.

Orthodontic Associates Mother’s Day Special

To celebrate Oklahoma City moms this Mother’s Day season, Orthodontic Associates is offering all moms in the metro $250 off their own orthodontic treatment for braces or Invisalign. Moms must schedule their initial free consultation in April or May 2017 and start treatment within 3 months of their consultation. Also, if your child is already a patient you will receive the $250 family discount plus an additional $100 off your treatment. Orthodontic Associates has payment plans, and insurance is accepted.

For your FREE consultation call 405-947-1526 and mention the Mother’s Day Special you saw on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog.

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