OKC Moms Blog: How it Came To Be


A little over a year ago, Oklahoma City Moms Blog began as a small hope for being a great community resource between two best friends.  There were multiple conversations about how this would affect our lives and the thought of changing others was almost mind-boggling.  We knew we wanted to do this…and knew that if we did, we definitely wanted to be working with City Moms Blog Network since they were amazing on how to set-up a blog (you know, the kind people take seriously!)

Right before we launched - our photoshoot with Mandy Stansberry Photography!
Right before we launched – our photoshoot with Mandy Stansberry Photography!

Maria and I launched Oklahoma City Moms Blog on November 6th, 2013.  We were so nervous, scared and flat-out intimidated that what we’d been pouring our every free minute in to for the previous months would just flop. But it didn’t…and that is largely in part to our fabulous team of writers that we have and the support of all the moms in our community.  We couldn’t have kept this blog going WITHOUT you!  We love all of your comments, likes, shares, Instagram follows…seriously, it’s what keeps me going day after day!

Now that it’s been about a year, looking back I know it’s been a wild ride.  So many late nights, frustrations, and technical difficulties.  But the positives FAR outweigh those!  Let me tell you why::

1. It gives me a sense of purpose:: Before I started this blog, I didn’t even know I needed it.  I was a stay-at-home mom to two young kids and was often-times…bored.  I felt like I’d exhausted my corner of the city, never knew anything fun happening in OKC and would nap too often (which, there is nothing wrong with a nap, btw!) I didn’t feel productive in my days and for me, I knew I was lacking something.  I wanted to feel driven, to feel like I was working on something, that I, too, could make a difference somewhere. Now I’m busier than ever before, but it’s fun that I can have with my family!

2. I love to connect::When I got a message from the owner and friend of mine from Dallas Moms Blog who asked if I would be interested in starting an OKC Moms Blog, after just a few minutes of discussion, I knew I wanted to!  Now, even on the most busiest of days, I feel fulfilled.  I feel connected to my city, I feel like I’m helping others by sharing content written by the wonderful team of ladies who truly make up what this blog is.  And the best part of it all, is that there is a support group of other moms who are doing the exact same thing for their communities!  We are connecting others across the nation, across our city and to me, that just feels good.

3.Fun events:: Planning events are so fun (and…maybe a little stressful) but when you see people respond about coming and are sharing in the excitement, it gives me a sense of accomplishment!  {Although, this introvert is still working on finding the courage to meet all the new faces!} I’m not an event planner by any means, but it’s a lot of fun envisioning the excitement!

4. Friends:: Our team of moms is committed to writing for you.  I have learned so much from each of them as they join this team and I love getting to know them.  I now have expanded my bubble of friendships to moms of all walks of life – and I love that.  Many of the businesses we have partnered with have become friends too!  We like to support each other in our adventures and I think that’s awesome.

5. The voice in OKC:: My prayer is that OKC is only better because of Oklahoma City Moms Blog.  The voice that we have to help others when they don’t know where else to turn, or just a fun question that we want your opinion on! It helps each of us be a better mom by joining together.

We would love to hear how Oklahoma City Moms has impacted you!  Leave us a comment, if you’d like to share.


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