Oh, the Places You’ll Breastfeed


Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re headed home from the hospital, your baby is here to stay!

You have formula from a can. You have milk in your boobs. You can feed your baby however you choose. 

You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the mom who’ll decide how they grow. And should you decide to breastfeed…

You’ll read all the books. Look through them with a blank stare. About some, you will say, “I don’t want my baby’s teeth to ever go there.” With your boobs full of milk and love in your heart, you’ll realize this can be really tough from the start! Your boobs will start out feeling like rocks, then quickly resemble eggs inside socks.

Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll little by little start to spread your wings.


You might nurse in a restaurant or maybe the car, you might nurse during a wedding, or maybe in a bar (it IS 2020 – you never know what you’ll see). 

If you’re a working mom, you might have to nurse while doing your job. You might get some stares and rude comments that make you want to sob. 

You’ll nurse on vacation, you’ll nurse going pee, you’ll nurse while getting groceries for your family of three. 

You’ll nurse while you cook, you’ll nurse while you take out the trash, and if you don’t cover up, the Karens will continue to bash. 

You’ll nurse on an airplane, on a train, maybe a boat. Heck, you might even nurse on your swimming pool float. 

And just when you thought you’d figured breastfeeding out, you’ll want to go on a date and you’ll get the pump out. It will squeeze, it will pull, it will not feel good. But have a night out on the town with your husband you should. 


You’ll pump while working out, you’ll pump while drinking wine. You’ll pump on the toilet, or in the shower, it’s fine. 

You’ll pump on your way to work, on every break, and during every lunch. Just so your little one can frequently munch.

You’ll have struggles of course, as you already know. You’ll switch positions and latches as your babies grow. But be sure when you nurse, relax and enjoy. This time will quickly be over and they’ll be big girls and boys.

Breastfeeding is tough, but will you succeed? Yes, yes you will, indeed!

Whether your journey is short or it’s long, just know that the way you feed your baby is never wrong.

Breastfeeding is not glamorous or for the faint of heart, but mamas are heroes, we’ve known this from the start. 

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Photo credit: Carly Gregory @cregorycreative



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