My Promise to Other Mamas


To my mama friends…

I promise to always bring enough sliced grapes for everyone to our play dates.

I promise to hold your newborn while you take a shower, eat a meal, or do whatever needs to be done.

I promise to invite you to come to my house and let your child make messes.

I promise to clean up those messes with no complaint.

I promise to watch your kid(s) while you have your first kid-free date with your partner in over a year.

I promise to grab drinks, dinner, pedicures – anything – when you have a last-minute kid-free opportunity.

I promise to catch your child when they fall, stop them from sneaking through the fence at the zoo (oops!) and keep them from eating food off the ground (most of the time).

I promise to answer your texts any time of day or night and tell you whether you should be worried or not.

I promise to never make your child share their toys with mine.

I promise to buy your dinner when it’s the end of the month and you’re short on cash, because you shouldn’t have to miss out on Girl’s Night.

I promise to share my favorite parenting podcasts, even if you never listen to them.

I promise to respect your parenting decisions because it’s your choice, not mine.

I promise to tell you it’s not your fault when your child falls down, falls up, or falls off anything, even though you were standing RIGHT THERE.

I promise to listen to you complain about your partner doing (fill in the blank) with no judgment and full support, because you are always right and they are an idiot.

I promise to text you when there’s a sale on Melissa & Doug toys at Target.

I promise to hold you while you cry about anything, everything, and nothing at the same time.

I promise to tell you it’s going to be OK when your child still won’t sleep through the night, won’t eat food that isn’t chicken nuggets, and/or won’t sit in their car seat without screaming.

I promise to take candid photos of you and your kid(s) because nobody else does.

I promise to show up when you host that MLM party, yoga class, birthday or any other event. 

I promise to offer to grab Starbucks for you and never expect a penny in return.

I promise to hold space for your feelings, no matter how irrational they may seem, because you’re not doing it wrong, it’s just THAT hard.

I promise to love you and your babies like you’re family because you are.

I promise to always be there for you, because even though you CAN do it alone, we’re not meant to.


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