Moving Cities & the Impact on Motherhood


As a mom, I often feel inadequate. I question my parenting decisions on a daily basis. Should I have said no to my daughter’s third bowl of cereal at breakfast? Did we read enough minutes today? Was skipping nap time really necessary for us to have extra play time at the park? I see so many opinions, and hear plenty of tips and tricks that I honestly feel more confused about if I’m doing the right things as I raise my three daughters. Being a mom isn’t easy, folks.

To add a whole new twist on motherhood, I moved to a new city last year.

moving cities as a mom

When I first moved, everything that I thought I once knew was thrown out the window. I  saw life in a whole new way once I was in our new community. It was obviously not familiar and it didn’t have the comforts of “home.”  My friends were suddenly lightyears away and I felt stranded. My village had disappeared and I was left on my own. Life quickly got quiet as play dates and adventures around town no longer existed because I was nervous to be in a new place. Oh, how silly that sounds now.

As much as I still miss our old community, our move was a blessing on my life as a mom that I will forever be grateful for. I was forced to “grow up” and get over my doubts and insecurities. I had to reach out of my comfort zone to meet others, or to explore without another grown up friend to tag along. How could I expect my kids to figure out where they fit in and meet new friends, if I wasn’t doing the same for myself?

Let me tell you a little something…. motherhood isn’t easy, but it is amazing. Motherhood is a blessing. Moving cities once again opened my eyes that it’s a gift to be treasured (poopy diapers and all!). It’s about taking chances. It’s about creating opportunities to mold the hearts and minds of my little ones. It is about being intentional with my choices. It isn’t about always being comfortable.

And do you know what? I made a friend. Then another. And another. And it’s still not the same as before we moved…and I doubt it will ever be exactly the same. But I’ve learned that motherhood looks the same everywhere. We all need each other. We need friends to vent to. Friends to ask for advice. Friends to just let loose with. So, watch for the mom that seems timid, or a little unsure of where to go. She could be new to your community and in desperate need of seeing a smiling face or directions to the best indoor play area for her kids.

Be there for each other as we all are trying to find our way.

Have you moved cities since becoming a mom? What advice would you share to make moving as a mom easier?


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