Mommy Foodie Fair Ticket {Giveaway!}


okc-mommy-foodie-fairWe want to share the love for our upcoming event so we’ve decided to do a FUN giveaway…a FREE ticket for the Mommy Foodie Fair on May 6th!  I’m not sure I even need to go through the details of everything this ticket will get you but I’ll break it down just in case.

One Mommy Foodie Fair ticket will allow you entrance to:

– An exclusive, one of a kind Dishcrawl event that is debuting in Oklahoma City
– National Moms Night Out – you get to join hundreds of moms across the country on a night off instead of sitting on your couch
– Access to giveaways that we have selected just for you, just for this event
– Food by the amazing VZD’s with food samples and treats by some businesses you’ve been dying to try
– Swag.  Oh my word, swag.  The list of swag that you will be walking out of the door with will knock you off your feet

Surely you’ve seen the details of this evening if that list didn’t solidify your reasons for entering this giveaway and lining up your friends to come with you. But if you haven’t, click that pretty yellow link and drink it all in.

Want to make it a reality?  Enter now.  We will announce the winner tomorrow!


  1. I love food and trying new things so I would love to see (and taste) all the variety that this event will offer!! Thanks for the chance of a free ticket!

  2. I most excited about the swag! Especially from Pick Your Plum!! Oh and the food! Oh and getting together with my friends! I can’t wait!

  3. I am most excited about getting out of the house and experiencing something new!!! Also, to be around grown ups and great food that doesn’t include hot dogs and mac-n-cheese.


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