Meet Erin & Maria!


Many of you might have seen our Facebook page with how we have been introducing our co-founders and contributors!  In case you missed it, here’s a recap of our two co-founders that have combined their love of blogging with a passion for the place they call home.

Co-Founder Erin Cornell
Co-Founder Erin Cornell

Meet Erin Cornell: Erin loves staying at home with her two kids {3 & 1} and getting to set her own schedule! She currently lives in Edmond and is always ready to invite someone over for a playdate or dinner.  It’s more fun hanging out with friends!

Erin is a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal who wants everyone to feel comfortable around her.  Some of her favorite things are to organize massive garage sales, indulge her sweet tooth and connect people to each other.

She loves her family with all her heart and is so thankful for her three biggest blessings – her husband, her daughter and her son.

Meet Maria Clark: Maria is a recent SAHM and although she misses the craziness of working in the world of events, she loves spending more time with her daughters (4 & 2),… and that now most days she can wear sweats!

Co-Founder Maria Clark
Co-Founder Maria Clark

Maria grew up in Kansas (Rock Chalk!), but now calls Edmond home. She loves doing projects around the house with her husband, entertaining, and all things that revolve around organization.

Maria is very blessed with an amazing family, wonderful friends, and a God who can move mountains!

If you’d like to connect with Erin or Maria, you can email them here.


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