Make 2018 Your “Year of NO!!!”


Make 2018 Your Year of NoHappy 2018! 

Wait, what?! Where did 2017 go? What about all those stinking resolutions/goals/one words/themes I made 12 months ago and abandoned 12 days into it?! 

Anybody else feeling whip-lashed by father time? 

Well I’m here to bring you some comfort as you stare at that blank calendar for the new year and let you in on a secret that will be your best goal yet. Here it is: Make 2018 your year of no! 

I don’t mean this in a negative way, but I think it’s time a lot of us (myself definitely included) cut ourselves some slack with the commitments. Be kinder to yourself this year by allowing yourself to not over-commit. 

I can’t tell you what those things are because it will be different for every mom, but here are some ideas of things you might be able to toss aside and let some other mom (whose goal was a “year of yes”) add to her plate!

Hostess with the Mostest.

Another month arrives and you are planning the guest list, invitations, meal plan, and seating arrangement. You bought a new cookbook, took a class on perfect appetizers, and watched the food network for four days straight. But it’s not just for New Year’s brunch, you also get to host Valentine’s, Easter, Memorial Day, Flag day (why not?!), Fourth of July, and we’re not even done with summer! Some people are control freaks and take it upon themselves to host all the things, while others get volun-told in the family circle. Either way, pick one holiday you like best and say NO to the rest!

All star volunteer.

Not only do you volunteer for every school event, field trip, program, class party, but you also teach Bible classes at church, volunteer at the food pantry, arrange the carpool, organize a protest rally at the capitol, lead a breastfeeding support group, run an online mother’s Facebook group, host exchange students AND teach underwater basket weaving to hairless cats at the animal shelter! Do yourself a favor and say NO to some of that this year! 

Social Media Momstar.

You love to keep in touch with friends and family afar but the 29 apps on your phone just to show your toddler’s school program are starting to get overwhelming. Did you post it to Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook? What about uploading it to Youtube and then emailing it to Uncle Sammy and embedding it into your blog? Then you must do a live Facebook post and Insta-story because only half your family checks the old stuff anymore. This year allow yourself to pare down the social media pressure, say no, and live in the moment!

Perfection Queen.

Not only is your outer appearance flawless with hair, make-up, nails, and fashion on fleek (is that still a phrase in 2018?) but your car and home are also immaculate. Not a speck of dust, not a stray sock, not a candy wrapper hidden away, and not a chair turned at a wrong angle. You never miss a gym appointment, you return every text, and your fridge is stocked full with organically sourced local vegan food only. The pressure to perform is building though and it’s time you set yourself free, girl! Say “no” to keeping up with the Joneses and live your best life!

I’m not saying you should say “no” to EVERYTHING asked of you. Obviously the PTA needs volunteers, churches need teachers, your family wants to spend holidays together, you should pamper yourself and enjoy healthy habits etc. but pick the most important things to you and allow yourself to say “no” to the rest in 2018. Make time for the things that matter and fill your empty calendar with things that give you life.

(Or forget all this in 12 days and we can try again in 2019!)


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