Life Lessons My Mother Taught Me


Even though almost everyday around Oklahoma City Moms Blog feels like Mother’s Day, I thought I would dedicate a special little post to sharing some nuggets of wisdom my mother taught me.

As a mom, I think sometimes it’s easy to forget how closely our little ones watch us. I vividly remember watching my mom do things as a little girl, from the way she stood while scrambling my eggs to watching in awe as she swooped a perfectly straight, bright blue streak of eyeliner across her bottom lid (God bless the eighties). I remember how special I felt seeing her face at nearly every class party, music program, recital, and sporting event. And even though she was terrible at doing hair, made me wait entirely too long to shave my legs, and my girl scout patches never managed to get sewn on my vest, I never remember a time when I wasn’t so proud that she was my mom.

As a mom with daughters, I know they are watching me, too. When I think back on the life lessons that my own mom taught me, I hope that someday my girls will have an arsenal of lessons they learned from me. Some will be big lessons, some small, some silly, but all important. Here are a few I’ve learned from my first, best, and biggest fan:

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Never buy cheap toilet paper, but always buy cheap paper towels.

You can never have too many black tank tops or big earrings.

It’s OK to fall down.

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The key to wearing make-up is to make it look like you aren’t wearing any at all.

Never wear white shoes. Even before Labor Day.

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Always send a thank-you note.

The magical way to pose in pictures to make you look the best (hand on hip, chin slightly forward)

Don’t marry someone who is exactly like you.

If you hide the shopping bags and pay with cash, Daddy never has to know how many outfits we bought at Limited Too (my first retail crush, might I add!). 

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The importance of having and loving good girlfriends. 

Good posture, grammar, and manners are always import, even if no one else notices.

How to be beautiful and classy, inside and out, at any age. 

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And the most important of them all: how to take care of and love the important people in your life. 

So moms, let’s remember this Mother’s Day that we aren’t always going to get it right, be the best, or do it all the way we should. But our babies are watching, listening, learning and loving us in spite of it. They are proud you are their mom and no one else. And that’s something worth celebrating.

I’d love to hear what life lessons, big, small, or silly, you learned from your mom!

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Stephanie is a born and raised Oklahoman. Growing up in Edmond, she went on to attend college at UCO and played volleyball while studying psychology and falling in love with her now husband, Kyle. After teaching sixth grade English in Edmond for several years, she became a stay-at-home mom to her twin daughters (Sophie and Campbell) and little boy (Burke) who are now 5 and 3. Having 3 kids in less than two years makes everyday an adventure in her house! When she's not playing referee to her hooligans, Stephanie enjoys peace and quiet, all things home decor, working out, and writing.



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