To New Beginnings!


BeginningsI don’t really like change.  I’m one of those people that could do the same thing day in and day out and rarely would I get frustrated and want to do something different.  I like the routine – knowing what I’m doing and having the familiarity of it all.

But change can be good…and I’m finding myself at the beginning of this new journey of blogging for moms in a city I love.  There are lots of new things starting here in OKC – our rockin’ basketball team, new outlet shopping, a ginormous skyscraper downtown…OKC is happening people!

So with that said – I’m ready to change {maybe slowly} my routine of being a mommy and am ready to explore this great city and meet other moms that I know live here too! That’s why this is such an exciting time –  to find new opportunities so we can check out that new restaurant on a date night or meet up with moms in the area so we can talk about how our kids drive us crazy but how much fulfillment we have because of them.  They made us a mom and we wouldn’t change it for anything!

I hope you’ll check us out often ~ there will be a little bit of everything for everyone. Playdates? Check. Mom’s Nights Out? Check. Giveaways? CHECK! Not to mention everyday thoughts and musings from women just like you.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. We’ll be bringing you everything possible about being a mom in Oklahoma City. You are here at the beginning…come along as we check it out!

Thanks for reading. I’m glad you are here!

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Erin was Okie born, but was East coast bred from ages 5-18. She returned to Oklahoma City for college at Oklahoma Christian where she and her husband met through friends and were married. Taking her love of connecting people and places to the blogging world, she co-founded Oklahoma City Moms Blog in 2013. She loves being a mom with all of her heart to her daughter and son - who battled and won a fight against Lymphoma in 2016. It changed her outlook on love and life and is so grateful for each and every new day.


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