How to Nerd Out With Your Kids


Fellow nerd moms, it’s our time to shine! We are the ones who never let go of our obsession with Harry Potter. We still spend our free time holding a handheld game or indulging in some fantasy TV show. We decorate our house in little acknowledgments to our faith-bound love of Star Wars and Marvel.

One of my favorite memories is experiencing Harry Potter along with my dad. Connecting on that level awakened my creative side and led to an open door of possibilities. So how do we do that with our kids? The opportunities are endless!

Some of the obvious ones that come to mind are books and movies. But sometimes those of us with toddlers can’t indulge in the hefty material, due to its more mature content. Let me introduce you to Studio Ghibli! If you know, you know. But if not, let me tell you about this beautiful world of imagination. Studio Ghibli is a Japanese studio that creates breathtaking art and charming stories. Their award-winning film Spirited Away is an all-time favorite of mine. Be sure to research the film first; some contain a more mature subject manner, but there are plenty of toddler-friendly flicks!

As for books? There are countless options, but a lesser-known choice is the Wingfeather Saga. Introduced to me by some fellow nerdy parents, these books are written by a Christian author, ensuring a wholesome experience. Don’t let that fool you into thinking they lack imagination and heart! For your older kids, I highly recommend the Rangers Apprentice. Think Lord Of the Rings lite with more realistic settings. By the same author is the Brotherband Chronicles. If pirates and Vikings are your things, these will scratch that itch! As for parents of teens, your options are endless, but I can’t recommend the Eragon series more!

I could touch on video games, but to be honest, this list is so long that I think that it could be a blog of its own. That said, the best thing you could do is go down the nostalgia train. Think Nintendo with all its old-school glory! 

If you were to tell me a decade ago that I would have bi-weekly meetings with a small group of friends playing pretend around a dining room table, I wouldn’t have believed you. But this has been something that’s held strong for years. I find tabletop roleplaying to be top-tier family time. Roleplaying incorporates resourcefulness, imagination,  math, teamwork, and more. You can find multiple modules and stories to fit your family’s needs. There’s even a My Little Pony version!

Finally, learn something together. Find a subject and go all in. Do you love space? Guess what? Kids go crazy for it. Buy a telescope, get some books, find some documentaries. Set aside time during your week and geek out! This could be anything: rocks, weather,  gardening…the possibilities are endless!

I believe in embracing a side of yourself that doesn’t place you as a parental figure. It can be a building block in developing a relationship with your child that will outlast the roughest years.

At some point, you will no longer be cool or liked. But there will always be those moments when you can revisit those times you all just became total nerds. 

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Hi! I’m Jessie! Born and raised in Central Oklahoma, I am currently enjoying suburban life with my toddler, husband, and a sweet little terrier. I love diving into anything nerdy from engaging in a fantasy novel to playing a tabletop game with friends. I love to make people laugh. Catch me watching a football game, making cookies, or painting dinosaurs with my daughter. My struggles once defined me, but now they help mold me. I want to lift fellow mothers who silently suffer in the shadows. Chronic illness and pain are invisible, but very real. Our battles are tough, but our resolve is strong. You’ll never see me hide my tears, and neither should you.


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