How to Make Summer Weeks Eventful: Your Weekly Template for a Summer of FUN!


Summer is almost here and congratulations are in order! You’ve just been given the job of Event Coordinator! You have around 85 days of a wide-open schedule to fill for your kids–overwhelmed yet??

There are two beliefs around moms being summer event coordinators. One camp says, “let them play outside and make their own fun,” while the other camp says, “how many fun adventures can we squeeze into our weeks so that everyone is entertained and not bored??” Neither are bad, but I think finding a balance somewhere in the middle makes for a memorable summer for all!

I have found that one of the easiest ways to make summer days enjoyable for kids, yet not exhausting for moms, is to create themes for each day. Don’t hear me wrong–I do not create themes for each individual day with multiple activities for the kids to complete. While Pinterest is ready to help make this dream a reality, I don’t have the energy to do it this way! When I use the word “themes”, I use it very simply! Here are a few ideas:

Movie Monday

Visit your local movie theater for summer dollar movies or create your own movie day at home. Designating a specific day for movies is not only exciting for kids, but is also a great way to limit screen time during the week! Make a pallet in the living room floor, pop some popcorn, add some M&M’s, turn off the lights, and let your kiddos enjoy a relaxing day. Bonus: this is a great way to squeeze in a nap for yourself!

Takeover Tuesday

Want your kids to learn some responsibility and lighten your load a little? Give them a day out of the week where they take over your jobs. Let them make breakfast. See who can get their laundry to the laundry room the fastest. Teach them how to wash the bathroom mirrors. While it might be messy and chaotic at first, by the end of the summer your kiddos will have learned a lot of household chores that will make your life easier when school starts!

Water Wednesday

What is summer without some water fun? If your kids are anything like mine, they would play in water every single day. This isn’t always convenient, so creating a day just for water activities will help structure your week. Visit a local splash pad, swim in a friend’s pool, turn on the sprinkler in the backyard–change it up from week to week to keep things interesting! Here’s a list of the Metro’s best splash pads to help you make your plans!

Thirsty Thursday

Can you say Sonic Happy Hour?? You’ll really win your kids’ hearts with this one. Take an afternoon outing to get your favorite drinks. While you’re out, visit a local park or nature trail and explore. You can rotate parks each week to keep your kids engaged and interested. Check out these must-visit 9 Outdoor Places and Spaces in OKC to plan your park visits.

Field Trip Friday

The state of Oklahoma is FULL of fun and interesting places to visit. Between museums, parks, and events, you’ll easily be able to fill your Fridays all summer long. Invite your bestie or the neighbors to join you to add some social interaction–your sanity will thank you. Here are a few outdoor field trip suggestions to get you started!

Not a fan of these ideas? No problem! Create your own! They definitely don’t have to have alliteration in their names, nor do they have to be the same each week. The key is to find simple ways to structure your days that allow you and your kids to enjoy the summer. What are your favorite ways to fill the summer days?


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