How to be Pregnant at Work


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I’m a working mom of three. I have worked in a corporate office setting during all three of my pregnancies so I know a thing or two being pregnant while trying to be professional at the same time. Pregnancy is supposed to be a delightful time when you walk around with that “glow” but sometimes “glowing” at work isn’t as easy as it sounds…

Surviving pregnancy while staying professional. Ish. Because that’s just good enough:

  • Sweating profusely while trying to maintain professionalism is tough. Go ahead and turn that thermostat down. Those coworkers of yours can wear a sweater…or two. I mean, they can layer as much as they want but you can only take so much off before it starts getting awkward.
  • If you haven’t told your boss that you’re pregnant yet, puking in the trash can while he/she stops by for a quick morning chat is always a good way to break the news!
  • High heels are for the birds. Sandals…now those are a lovely, stylish choice to go with any dress or power suit! Bonus if you’re in your 3rd trimester during winter. Sandals are for any season when you’re pregnant!
  • Waddling down the hall and into meetings is a great way to try and command respect from your peers and have your superiors take you seriously. Try it, you’ll feel like such a professional. Just hope you don’t develop the walking farts too!
  • Running to the bathroom every five minutes is just your new office workout routine. My chiropractor always tells me to get up and move around the office often. Heed the chiropractors advice! Just have a few different paths to the bathroom mapped out so you don’t draw as much attention to yourself.
  • Your attire will look truly professional once the buttons on your blouse start to bulge as your breasts grow bigger. Bonus if your boobs catch you off guard one day and start to leak while you’re on the clock.
  • Have a plan prepared ahead of time in the event that your water breaks or you go into labor at work.  The last thing you need is for your colleagues to see you in a state of panic…or a state of leaking bodily fluid.

There’s no reason you can’t be a professional while, at the same time, growing a tiny human that is slowly taking over your body & brain. Just smile, have a sense of humor and take note of the things that happen because, even if it’s not funny to you now, it will be later!  Now get out there and kick some working professional butt!

For actual helpful advice about working during pregnancy, check out or Working Mom’s Guide to Pregnancy at Work.


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