Farewell Carefree Summer Days…Hello Familiar Routine


I have such ambiguous feelings about the end of summer. It’s such a bittersweet time with the school supply lists looming. I’m trying to eek out some last few carefree summer moments with my family BUUUUUUT in all honesty I’m also kind of excited about the routine and predictability that the school year brings. Summer magic is awesome and whimsical, but routines are also my jam. Balance is the key word in anything right?!

So let’s pay our respects to some of these summer items we will be saying goodbye to, and welcome in the school year traditions with a happy hello. No matter where you find yourself on the scale of elation or hatred of the end of summer, I’m sure there’s a few things on this list of hello/goodbyes you can relate to!

Goodbye pool bag, hello backpacks!

I keep our pool bag by the front door all summer long. There is sunscreen, towels, swimsuits, floaties, water barbies, swim diapers, and snacks always at hand for an easy grab to head to the pool. You can tell by our sun kissed noses and chlorine scented hair that we have taken full advantage of the water amenities this year. I know the pool bag spot will soon be replaced by school backpacks filled with art projects, worksheets, and whatever shopkins, rocks, or rubber band bracelets my daughter trades at school. Back to school shopping can be fun and I do love me some freshly sharpened pencils! The anticipation of a new school year ahead gives me those excited butterflies in my stomach, I know they’ll learn and grow lots, be reunited with favorite teachers and classmates, and make lots of memories.

Goodbye outdoor scent, hello regular bath times! 

I think I really did use the pool as a bath for my kids this summer. Who knows how many times their hair was washed by actual shampoo as opposed to chlorine and/or lake plants. The summer motto tends to be “God made dirt, dirt won’t hurt!” So yeah, I can probably count on one hand the amount of actual baths and showers they had. While I might miss that summer scent of bug spray, sunscreen, and sweat, I will also welcome in the scent of freshly bathed children each night. I love to inhale their heads after nightly baths. Nothing sweeter. 

Goodbye late night activities, hello bedtime routine!

The summer was full of staying up REALLY late for fireworks, lightning bug catching, cousin sleepovers, and outdoor concerts and movies. Fun was definitely had by all, but we could all use a little bit more sleep. I am looking forward to the sun setting at a decent hour and my kids actually falling asleep before me so I can have some precious kid free time in the evening! Bedtime stories, songs, and prayers often got skipped this summer because they just feel asleep in the car on the way home from something or crashed wherever they were playing, so I’ll be glad to see that nightly ritual back in place!

Goodbye road trips, hello field trips! 

We traveled all over the country this summer. The vacation time and trips were so much fun, but I’m also always thankful to return home to my own bed. No matter the season there are opportunities to explore and learn. While the summer may have been more about roadside attractions and visiting family, the school year will also bring some incredible learning experiences….without me planning them! I enjoy the learning experiences my daughter’s school creates for her and the field trips they get to go on. Chaperoning can be an adventure, but it’s always fun to see her interacting with her school friends!

Goodbye picnics, hello packed lunches! 

I’m not gonna lie I was woefully unprepared for how much my kids needed to eat this summer. As soon as breakfast was done it seemed like it was time for lunch again! “What?! You need to eat again?!” And let’s not get started on the snacks! The picnics at the park or by the pool were cherished. But I also welcome a school lunch calendar on my fridge and a packed lunch bag (preferably the night before) waiting in the fridge.

Am I sad to see summer go? Yes! Am I already feeling nostalgic about something that hasn’t quite ended yet? Yes! Am I also excited for the school year and routine ahead? Yes! These ambiguous feelings live inside lots of moms this time of year and no matter which end of the spectrum you find yourself leaning towards, make some time to reflect on the things you enjoy about each season and share them with your families! 






  1. All of those feelings will be imprinted on your heart even after those sweet babies are long past their school days.


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