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Carlton Landing

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Carlton Landing in exchange for a night’s stay at a beautiful rental home. However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand behind Carlton Landing in all that we endorse. 

Oklahoma is a beautiful state, but one that sometimes gets a bad rep about it’s flat lands and murky lakes. Or the fact that it’s landlocked and anywhere you want to vacation is far away and requires a week of vacation to travel. However, there is much more to our great state than that, and we have found a destination spot that could change your way of thinking about where you want to spend your family time – it’s a simple two hour drive from Oklahoma City (one hour from Tulsa) on the finest water of Lake Eufaula.

IMG_3133Our Executive Team had the pleasure of spending a night at Carlton Landing, Oklahoma and we left wishing we could cancel the rest of our weekend to stay longer!  It was an easy drive on I-40 west.  Once you exit, it’s easy to find the entrance to what feels like a cozy neighborhood, but it is in fact, a municipality recognized by the state of Oklahoma. With cute signs welcoming you for what you know will be a relaxing get-a-way, you circle past the goats and chickens, community farm, chairs overlooking the lake and more.  Reaching the town center transports you to a different world, one that feels very much like Seaside, Florida, which is what this town is modeled after, and designed by the same group!

We met Heather, who helps with the rentals and she delivered us to one of the rental homes in Carlton Landing.  Since all the homes are inspired by the New Urbanism movement—which holds that life, work and play are all central to a community’s vitality, the driveways are in the alleys behind, so you can spend more time on your front porch.  We walked up into a beautiful screened in back patio, which entered into an exquisite home.  Everything was furnished, the kitchen was stocked and ready for use and we were within walking distance of everything nearby!  The pool, lake, boat marina, community garden, general store, and more.

IMG_3128We were pleased to see kids riding bikes and scooters, having a great time on a beautiful April Saturday and (almost) wishing we had our kids with us!  Families out talking nearby and making dinner plans with neighbors. Carlton Landing is in its beginning stages and there is so much more to come.  In fact, this summer, Carlton Landing Academy will become the first public charter school outside of Oklahoma and Tulsa counties which will offer public, tuition-free education to any student in the state. They will start their school year this coming August! In addition to their great school, a residence club, local shops, a club house, a wedding chapel, fish shack – the list of great things to come goes on and on and so do the dreams of the town founders.

Carlton Landing is a beautiful destination place for Oklahoma families to have the perfect getaway, permanent residence or weekend home!  It will no longer take a week’s vacation to feel like you can go someplace with the family.


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