Dear Mama Whose Partner Works Long Hours


To The Mama Whose Partner Works Long Hours

Dear Mama Whose Partner Works Long Hours,

From the moment you wake up in the morning to your little ones yelling “Mama! Get up!” to the moment you finish the bedtime routine with a special song and walk out of their room, I think of you.

The hustle and bustle of getting yourself and your kids ready for the day ahead. Cooking breakfast with a little one hanging off your pant leg and trying to flip pancakes with the other on your hip. The day has just begun and so has the chaos. Packing lunches for a trip to the zoo that could go one of two ways – fun and exciting or dreadful and painful for all involved. It’s a risk you take – alone. From playing, disciplining, doing housework, cooking, running errands and simply keeping the family going – it’s exhausting but you’re rocking it.

When you’re finally taking a shower, which also happens to be the first time you’ve had a quiet moment all day and you’re all touched out,  you hear the cries through the monitor only to rush through your shower to rock an unsettled child who ends up in your bed to stay until morning.

Some days you go to bed feeling like you’ve conquered the world, other days you go to bed praying tomorrow will be better – there’s really no in-between. But always remember, the days are long but the years are short.

Then there’s the wishful thinking when other mamas jokingly discuss darting out the door as soon as dad comes home or having a day “off” and not knowing what that’s like. Envious of the time those mamas get with their partner and of the time the kiddos get with daddy.

The times when daddy is home are difficult too because the dynamic has changed and the routine is altered. Daddy tries, he really does, but when mama does it all – mama has to continue doing it all, because no one can do what mama does – according to your little ones. They just want to play with daddy and who can blame them? Daddy’s fun and they want to enjoy every.single.moment with him, not rely on him to take care of business that mama already does so well.

Don’t fret… this too is just a season, a tough season but a season nonetheless and all seasons must come to an end. Enjoy these moments, even the ones that bring you to tears. You’re going to look back on these days and be thankful for the strength you gained from it all.


Another Mama Doing It Alone Most Days


    • Hi Renee, isn’t it comforting to know you’re never alone? Just when you think you’re the only one going through or experiencing something, you quickly realize there are other mama’s experiencing it and feeling the same feelings too. I’m glad you came across my post!

  1. This is so comforting. I can forget that I’m not alone in this. That one day I’ll look back and cherish my days alone with my little ones but today, today was a hard fought battle of a day and this was a great reminder.

  2. Omg your my sprit animal! I have 4yr old twin girls! My husband works so hard for us but that means going to work before the sun comes up and coming home when the sun is long gone! It’s so nice to see that someone else knows what’s it’s like! Keep on keepin on fellow rock star mommy!! ?? p.s. I love target, coffee, crafting and cooking too! Lol


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