Dear Weary Mom, You are Seen


Dear Weary Mom,

As a mom, daughter, pediatric healthcare executive, and responsible citizen, I’m completely overwhelmed by COVID. So many roles. So many opinions. So many pressures to get it right and keep the family healthy. All of this stuff on top of the normal motherhood responsibilities and concerns to care and love my spouse and kiddos. No wonder I feel like I ran a marathon each day when I hit the pillow. I am sure that you feel the same.

I am as confused as you. I am uncertain of every decision. I have no guaranteed answers. No one does. I just strive to find moments of acceptance for my feelings because they are normal, responsible, and filled with love.

Weary mom, focus on the scientific facts from one or two credible sources.

I am a member of a pediatric hospital’s COVID Task Force where our medical experts share the scientific data. We discuss, analyze, and make decisions. You can do the same for your family. Do not consume information from every media. It contradicts. It drains. It is not helpful. Pick one or two sources as your go-to and ignore the rest. 

Weary mom, determine your family’s position and rule on all things COVID and stick to it.

The controversies of mask-wearing, back to school plans, family gatherings, and summer vacations drain me. Yes, everyone has a voice. Just pick your influencers wisely. You need supporters to help you remain emotionally strong. You do not need naysayers that drain your already low emotional bank account. 

Weary mom, seek peace in all things.

Every one of us has a different level of risk to COVID exposure based on our career responsibilities. As a healthcare employee, I am fearful of bringing COVID home or taking COVID to the hospital. So, I wear a mask even at times in our home. It’s odd, uncomfortable, and hot. I inhale fabric when having a conversation. I hate it. I do it out of love for my family, and my community. It brings me peace.

Weary mom, back to school.

Just those three words. Breathe. Breathe deep. Do we send them back to school? How do we juggle careers with another school shutdown and mandatory remote learning? Who knows. Go back to the facts, what is best for your family, and seek peace. 

Sweet mom, keep doing your best to juggle it all just one moment at a time. That’s all any of us can do in the uncertainty.


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