8 Quick & Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for Girls


Summer is almost over and so are the days of living by the pool. I am super laid back around our house during summer break. We live in pjs unless we go somewhere, and as long as my girls brush their hair each morning, I don’t complain too much. Kids are kids and I don’t expect them to look prim and proper for a day of fort building, swimming, and playing tag. Because, that’s basically what happens most days of our summer.

Maybe it’s a pride thing, but with school quickly approaching, I know that sending them off with only a brush-through each morning won’t cut it. While my girls love to dress up and play like they are princesses, they do not hold back on the school playground or in PE class. From past experience, I’ve learned that if I can pull their hair back out of their face to start off the day, the better it looks when they climb into the minivan after school. Here are a few updated (& favorite) ways that my girls rock the ponytail.

back to school hairstyles

{ONE} Rarely do my girls wear a regular ponytail. Side ponytails take the same amount of minimal effort, but look like you tried a tad bit harder. This is the hairstyle that gets worn most often by my girls. And it photographs pretty darn cute.

{TWO} If I have the patience and an extra 90 seconds, I like to add a braid into the side ponytail. I start in the front and braid straight back. No need to french braid it, just a standard braid will add a little pizazz.

{THREE} My middle daughter loves this look. The braided ponytail gets requested by her often. Again, it’s a super simple update to the ponytail and holds up a lot better to her running around and playing tag.

{FOUR} Did you ever wear a topsy tail growing up? I sure did! My mom even ordered the “tool” to make it easier. But take my word for it, it is easy even without a tool! My girls call this their “fancy hair”. Ha!

{FIVE} If you really want to be fancy, then make 2 of these topsy tails!

{SIX} Or try it by only pulling up half of the hair first.

{SEVEN} A high ponytail can be really cute. These are low on my list because it takes some time to coax the hair on the top of their heads to brush down flat.

{EIGHT} To take the high ponytail to the next level, wrap it around itself and then tuck the very end into the hairband. My girls love feeling like a ballerina when I do their hair this way!

My hope is that these can help you in the crazy morning rush before school each day. Both of my girls have gotten to where they request a specific style most mornings, but to make things even easier this school year, I’m tempted to print this collage and display it in their bathroom. They can think of it as their “hairstyle menu.” I’m all for what’s easy around here!

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