4 Ways to Wear Flannel This Fall (And Not Look Like a Lumberjack)


Tired of feeling like Paul Bunyan every Autumn?

Well, look no further.

With my 4 flannel fixes, you’ll be singing #Fallelujah all the way to the apple orchard.

1. “Soccer Mom Savvy”

Bloated from binging on chips last night?

Who cares when you can tie a flannel around your waist and move on with your life.

Just throw it over a t-shirt dress, put on your sunglasses and you’re basically a blogger by now.

This look is comfortable and cute. And the hat hides the fact you didn’t have time to wash your hair because you were too busy looking for your kid’s cleats.

2. “Casual Night Out”

Who in the Hocus Pocus thought it was a good idea to make evening plans?

You did.

And now the time has come, but you’re too tired to try on an outfit.

Say no more. I’ve got a solution for you.

Take the same flannel and tie it over a graphic tee.

Don’t be afraid to layer the look with a jacket and dress it up with some lipstick.

Not only do you look like a cool mom, but you also didn’t even have to shave your legs for this girl’s night.

3. “Pumpkin Patch Pride”

I know what you’re thinking.

Meredith? Are you lost?

Listen. Maybe.

But at least I’m having fun in this flirty little flannel.

Hats and boots elevate any outfit, so don’t hold back.

*Caution: Influencer hats may lead to an increase in followers and/or a Starbucks cup spontaneously appearing in your hand. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4. “Target Tears and Tights”

Nothing screams “I Blacked Out in Target” like an oversized flannel, black leggings, and tall boots.

After you leave with crippling anxiety from all your poor financial choices, you’ll want to stop for coffee and pray over your budget.

This look hits hard because it transitions from a day of errands to an evening of casual cameos with friends and family.

You can even belt the shirt to cinch the waist or throw on a jean jacket.

There are lots of ways to layer the look and trick everyone into thinking you have your life together.

Whether you’re on a hayride or heading to a parent-teacher conference…just remember FNF. Flannel never fails. You just need the confidence to make it work for you and your shape.

Now frolic along to find all the flannels.

I’ll meet you in the corn maze with some coffee.


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