4 Reasons Why I Don’t Purge My Closet


I know some people are so good at this whole minimalism deal. And actually, minimalism is something that I could see myself getting into. Clutter isn’t my thing. I can ditch the junk. I can (happily) part with old trashy toys. I can easily part with crap I don’t use anymore… 

Except for clothes.

When it comes to clothes, my brain feels like I need to hold on to them no matter what. You see, most of the clothes I own aren’t fancy or expensive. Most of them came from sales and because I really wanted them… except for a couple of impulse buys.

So why on earth is it so hard for me to donate my old clothes instead of just letting them collect dust in the back of my closet?

I might gain the weight back.

A while back, I lost some weight. How much weight? I honestly don’t know because it was after I had my last baby. All I know is that I’m smaller than what I used to be before pregnancies. Even though I have managed to keep the weight off for a while, in the back of my head I feel like it might come back. So, I may need my old clothes or I will have nothing to wear. 

I’m too attached to some items.

You know that jackpot feeling when you find a comfy clothing item? The kind of thing you sleep in and then wear to the carpool line the next morning and then on to pick up in the afternoon? That’s a third of my wardrobe. Maybe over-use is the reason some of my favorite shirts have holes (insert sad face) or tiny stains. I don’t wear them as much anymore, but I still like them. Should I replace them? Yes… but… they are so stinkin’ comfy.

Fashion trends usually come back.

A while back, I bought a pair of overalls. What thirty-year-old woman doesn’t need a pair of overalls, I ask? Now my dumpy overalls are so over sized that I can’t really wear them without channeling my inner Rachel Green. But. Maybe, just maybe, overalls five sizes too big will become popular again. We all know that fashion tends to cycle over and over, which makes things from the past cool again. So I will hold onto these overalls for twenty years… just in case.

I don’t have the money to spend on clothes.

I will be honest, I love shopping. Who doesn’t? But I’m very frugal. I love a good sale and searching through the sale racks. That’s how I scored most of my clothing purchases. Now, if I have to spend the money on my kids, I wouldn’t think twice about it. But whenever I go to purchase something for myself, that pesky old mom guilt shows up and makes me feel like I don’t need those new clothes. So getting rid of some of my old clothes might mean that I have to (gasp) replace them. 

The process of cleaning out my closet is going “okay”. I have donated some clothes, and  I have had a few regrets. Especially when trying to decide what to wear for church and realizing the old dress I wanted to wear was gone. I know I’m just being silly and you don’t miss something until is gone. I have set a date in my calendar to declutter my closet again. In the meantime, I’ll be holding on to my overalls and ratty t-shirts like there’s no tomorrow.

Stain on my favorite shirt!! 🙁


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