2019 Guide to the Oklahoma State Fair


Going to the state fair was a HUGE deal in my family. When my husband and I got married, he had never been to the fair. The first year of our marriage I immersed him in fair culture, and it has become a yearly tradition. 


You do not have to pay for parking at the Oklahoma State Fair. I will warn you not to try to jump the ditches in the free parking area… I mean you’re welcome to try it, but you also may end up stuck, with everyone in your car laughing. Thankfully, Oklahomans are friendly and will probably help guide you back to safety! Hypothetically speaking…

For the safer options, there is also paid parking closer to the fairgrounds, so if you have strollers that maybe your best option. 

Photo Cred @sunshineinmynest

Kicking it off 

The thing our boys love most is the Great American Petting Zoo & Pony Trail Ride (28). In this magical tent, there is an assortment of tiny animals. For just a couple dollars, you can buy a little cone of food and feed the animals, or you can walk in for free and just pet them until your heart is content. In the FFA center, they also have all kinds of animals to look at, but you can’t touch. In the FFA exhibit (16), they also have a live cow that they do a milking demonstration with!! 

Sky Eye Wheel

I didn’t feel ready to turn our littles loose on the midway, so we took them on the Sky Eye Wheel. The seats were large and roomy, and completely sealed, so the kids were super safe and ADORED the experience. I think they would have stayed on all night if we had let them. 

Hands-On Exhibit (35). 

After a couple hours in the Oklahoma heat, I promise you’re going to want some time in the a/c. The hands-on exhibit is a great place to rest and cool off with little ones. There are marble tracks, paint station (It’s not messy though), magnetic games, and more. Last year they had puppet shows and life-size puzzles and games as well. 

Photo Cred. @sunshineinmynest

Fair Food 

I think the Oklahoma State fair is best known for its food. They offer fried foods that most people haven’t heard of, and the things they think to fry blows my mind. A word to the wise, don’t try the Deep Fried Oreos (I’ll let you use your imagination).

Our personal favorites are the foot-long corn dogs, root beer jugs, and the bacon cheddar curds. My husband also loves the chili cheese fries, and I really want to try the chicken on a stick, but so far it has sold out every year. We always split a funnel cake with friends of ours, but this year I want to try the funnel cake fries. Those are a new menu item, along with deep-fried Nutella (if that’s your kind of thing).

Frontier Experience (34)

We saw this exhibit for the first time last year, and it was my personal favorite. They had horses and cows. They also had all kinds of artisan crafters making brooms, whittling, and everyone was in period costume. It looks like this year they also have a Renaissance Village (33), and I can’t wait to check that out. 

A Note on Photos

If you want photos on the midway, I suggest you go in the morning. The midway is empty, and it’s so easy to get all the colors incorporated. Always step back further than you think you’ll have to and shoot from the same level as your kids!!

Most of all, have fun!!! 


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