Your Memories Matter: Saving Your Digital Legacy {Sponsored}


Disclaimer: We have partnered with Digital Legacy of Edmond to bring you this sponsored post on how you can best preserve your precious memories.

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Isn’t it great to live in a digital world? I LOVE how many pictures I have of my kiddos. I wonder what my life would have been like had my parents been able to take unlimited photos and videos of me. Now that we live in a digital age, I’m always wishing that all of the pictures and videos from my childhood, teen years, and college years (yes I’m old enough that my college photos are still on film) were digital. I wish that I could pull them up and look at them whenever I want. I always want to have super awesome pictures for “Throwback Thursday”. But the majority of my pictures and videos aren’t digital. When I think of doing this myself, I can’t imagine when I would ever have the time! I have yet to even start on baby books for my kids. In fact, I just finished my son’s bedding for his nursery the other day…he’s almost 2 years old!

Luckily for me, there is a service that will do this for me! Digital Legacy of Edmond! They are a company that is local to Edmond. They currently operate without a traditional store-front, in order to stay customer-focused and make the conversion affordable for families. In most cases, they offer free pick up and delivery of your photos and videos. They will convert all of your home videos or photos to a digital format. That includes VHS, film, 8mm and even Betamax!! The turnaround time is TWO WEEKS and they put them on your own password-protected website so they can be downloaded and shared with all of your family! Which is a great way to share old memories and make sure everyone has a copy in case your computer gets lost.

I love the idea of this! I would love to have all of my pictures from my childhood and even the pictures that my grandparents had available at the touch of a button. But it’s more than just wanting the convenience of it. Did you know that the magnetic tape in VHS, Betamax and 8mm was only designed to last 20 years? I know that seems like a long time…but 20 years ago was just 1996 (which seems like yesterday to me). After 20 years those memories you have on video begin to deteriorate and after 30 years most video tapes can’t be saved!

The founder of Digital Legacy, Kent Bresee, really wanted to start a company that was affordable for families and locally based. Customer service is their top priority which is a good thing when you think of handing over your memories to someone! All pictures and videos are handled by trained technicians and no memories have ever been lost or damaged using their secured methods.

This is such a great service and I’m so glad we have it available to us locally! If you have memories that you want to preserve and share contact Digital Legacy at 405-456-0749 or visit their website. Then tell your old high school buddies to get ready for some great Throwback Thursdays!!

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