Yes, I LOVED Giving Birth



Dear First Time Mom-To-Be,

I remember being in your shoes. I was terrified. I was nervous. I was second guessing the whole family thing when I realized that in less than 9 months, a baby roughly the size of a bowling ball would be pushed out of my body. It doesn’t help that so much information is thrown at you. There are baby books, baby classes, baby blogs. All with information on what you need to do and what you need to learn. Then there are the lists. Lists for what to pack for the hospital. Lists for what not to pack for the hospital. Lists for what to have in the nursery. Lists for what “must have” baby items should be on your registry. So many lists!!

Mostly, I remember being afraid. And not just that I’d be responsible for another human. I was afraid of the birth experience. Seriously, terrified. I don’t like pain. I never have and I never will. I had read stories of how a baby was actually birthed. I saw the horror video in our childbirth prep class. It made my nerves skyrocket. I tried hard to not think about it.

The first time that I gave birth was unexpected. (Well, on some level.) My water broke 5 weeks early so I had no time to even think about what was about to happen. My daughter was very healthy and had no issues arriving early. Looking back now, I realize what a blessing the timing of her birth was for my out of control nerves!

Holding my oldest daughter for the first time.
Holding my oldest daughter for the first time.

Although I was such a ‘fraidy cat, let me be perfectly clear. I LOVED giving birth. It was magical. Even though I knew that all my babies were little girls, the hospital room was still full of suspense and excitement. I was on cloud 9 to see what my baby looked like. To hear her first cry. To hold her and cradle her in my arms. From the time I was admitted to the hospital, all of my fear disappeared and was replaced with joyful anticipation.

That might sound odd because I was about to face lots of needle pokes and hours of contractions. But it’s true, I LOVED giving birth. Maybe I just got lucky? But with 3 different births, I can tell you that I honestly loved all of them. The whole experience of it too… not just getting a baby at the end.

Truthfully, when I think about the births of my 3 girls, I get elated. I would almost do it all again when I think about the birthing experience. (But really, don’t read in to that…. I’m done having babies!) As you may be facing the same turmoil of emotions that I did, I hope you know that you are about to experience something that is to be cherished. I know that not everybody is fortunate enough to have that same joy. Enjoy the time when it comes!


Momma of 3 beautiful girls



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