Working Moms are Really Superheroes (with suits and heels)


supermomLet me just start by saying that stay-at-home moms are superheroes too… they just wear different capes – likely ones covered in a bit more spit up and drool than us working moms who are lucky to get out the door with our nursing bras snapped. No matter the kind of mom you are, we are all hard-working, exhausted, and awesome.

I’m a working mom, and for the most part, I love it.  Of course there are days where I drive to work in tears because I already miss that sweet little thing that fish-hooked me in the mouth all night in a fit of rage thanks to those little pearly whites coming in. Those days just plain suck. But most days, I feel like a superhero working mom.

Supermoms are courageous

Working moms have some major cajones to be able to leave their babies with another person forty hours a week. I am lucky enough to have my mom, Kinley’s G-Lee, keep her for me during the day. But I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t extremely difficult leaving her with ANYONE, especially in the beginning. Many moms have to rely on daycare (which I attended as a kid while my single mom worked her tail off). It’s not easy. It takes courage.

Supermoms have super strength

wonder-woman-533667_1280First of all, those car seats are not light. All these “safety features” mean extra pounds. Just working on my Hulk arms, y’all. But seriously, working moms have super strength to be able to maintain a good work-home life balance. There are many times when I’m physically at work, but catch myself checking the baby monitor on my phone (technology is amazing these days). And then there’s times where I’m at home in the evenings catching up on emails and other work tasks when I should be soaking up every little moment with my little one. It’s a tough balance, and certainly takes mega strength to endure it all.

Supermoms are confident

In the first few weeks of motherhood, I doubted (and Googled) everything. I didn’t think I was doing anything right, regardless of anyone’s encouragement. It actually took me going back to work for me to regain my confidence. I realized that I, in fact, can do this. That every baby is different. And that by golly, I can be really good at being a super working mom!

Supermoms are energetic

Okay, okay. The words “mom” and “energetic” are rarely used in the same sentence. In fact, I’ve never been told I look tired more in my life. But my mom also always taught me to “fake it ’til ya make it,” so I put on my invisible cape and vow to take on the world every day with as much energy as I can with as much caffeine as I can get.

Again, I know working moms aren’t the only superheroes. We just wear different costumes with a different masks.

I’m a superhero working mom. I am up all night with a narcoleptic baby and still manage to put myself together and go to the office and kick butt there too. And I’m darn proud of it!


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