Why You Need an Organizer in Your Life, TODAY

This post is sponsored by SORT Organization services, but all thoughts are my own!

We recently had the opportunity to have an organizer come into our home and help us find a system for our playroom, aka the “we have visitors coming, throw all your toys in this room” space of our home. 

This room had been steadily growing in volume, but not size, over the years, and was busting at the seams with random puzzle pieces, doll clothes, and dried out markers with no lids. It was in desperate need of some help to make it a usable space for the kids again, which is where Taylor with SORT Organization Services came in to help our entire family get ahold of the chaos and introduce us to a system that is sustainable and simple.

Taylor is a former educator, so whipping our playroom into shape and organizing the toys in ways that look put together, but also maintain functionality, seemed like second nature to her. She is also a Certified Organizational Specialist, so we picked her brain about other areas of our house that could use some help, and she had great ideas and recommendations!

We talked about systems for backpacks, shoes, lunchboxes, and the ever-growing pile of Amazon boxes that seem to always line our entryway.  We are looking forward to hiring her again to help us with a mail sorting system that doesn’t involve shoving mail in random cabinets when we get sick of looking at it on the kitchen island. 

SORT services begin with scheduling an initial consultation to meet with your organizer and review the project. We were able to schedule this easily online, and Taylor reached out to us via email and text to work out specifics of our first meeting.

When she arrived, we showed her the space, and it was obvious that her mind was already spinning on how to make sense of all the chaos. We agreed on an estimate for how long she thought the project would take and any potential supplies she may recommend for the area. We happened to have some extra shelves that could be moved into our playroom for additional toy storage so that everything could be sorted and separated.

Next, we scheduled our project day, which was done through an easy online system. We were able to schedule a time when our oldest was in school, so Taylor didn’t have any “help” finding homes for all the items that were unearthed in the process. 

Project day was incredibly exciting for us, and our organizer was fast and efficient. I came in and out between (virtual) work meetings and loved watching the process. There was a point when every single toy, figurine, and broken crayon was pulled out of baskets and shelves and sorted.

I could not believe how many random things had been shoved in bins through the years during “cleaning up” that had just become a cluster without a sound organizational system in place. If one of our girls went looking for the shoe for her ballerina doll, there was no telling if it could be found in the animal bin or with the harmonica and ukulele. Who actually knew where anything was? Definitely not me. 

Not only did Taylor sort all the toys into obvious categories, which resulted in animals rooming with other animals, and babies with other babies, but also larger categories like transportation (cars and trains) or stackables (blocks and Legos) that just makes so much sense.  

She brought extra bins for our relocated shelves and some incredibly useful labels for each bin that can be labeled with a dry erase marker in case the content of the bin changes. Taylor also had some creative tips for involving kids in the clean-up ritual and helping them learn some agency and responsibility for the organization of the room. It is supposed to be “their” space, after all. 

The best part of the whole experience is that there is now a clear and consistent system in place for each person who may help pick up the playroom. This includes our girls, of course, but also babysitters, grandparents, friends, and husbands. Thanks to the categories and labels, it is obvious where everything goes. At least for now, the kids are so excited to put everything back in its place when it’s time to clean up. In all the toy-collecting we have had as parents, for the first time, each item in that room has a home! Better yet, we have a system in place to keep it organized.

We are incredibly grateful for Taylor and SORT Organization Services, and can’t wait for our next project!


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