When the Walls Start Closing In


As the winter months drag on, the walls in our house start closing in.  When the pent up energy has nowhere to go except bouncing off walls, it’s time to get creative.  Over the years I have come up with ways to help my kids exert some of their energy during the cold season when we just want to stay indoors:

  • Have a stash of arts and crafts designated for rainy and dreary days (paper plates, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, glue stick, and markers work wonders).  I am an advocate of finding fun projects that keep messes to a minimum and that are easy to clean.
Baking soda, Vinegar, and Food Coloring...Watch it Fizz! This will create hours of fun!
Baking soda, Vinegar, and Food Coloring…Watch it Fizz!
This will create hours of fun!
  • Transform your garage into a play zone (I put a mini trampoline, riding toys, and a small inflatable in ours).  The girls love to play in the garage when it’s cold outside.  I leave the door open from the house so I can see and hear them while I am working in the kitchen.  With the garage door closed I know there will be no escaping.
An easy way to release that pent up energy
An easy way to release pent up energy.
Riding toys for all.
Riding toys for all.
Don't forget the obstacle course.
Don’t forget the obstacle course.
  • Stock up on fun puzzles and games.  Not only are puzzles and games fun, it’s a good way to use their brain power.  What an accomplishment to see a puzzle complete!
Puzzles never get old.
Puzzles never get old.

It’s like Christmas all over again when I bring out toys they haven’t seen in a while and it’s fun for everyone.

It’s easy for my girls to rely on TV for their entertainment when the weather doesn’t cooperate for outdoor play.  In order to reduce their television time, it’s helpful to have other activities up my sleeve.  It also keeps me sane when the walls start closing in.

Share ways you have entertained your kids during the cold months.

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Angie and her husband, John, live in Edmond with their three little blessings: Addyson (6/2008), Haley (11/2009) and Paige (9/2012). Angie received her Bachelors in Marketing and her Masters in Management both from Oklahoma Christian University. As each child came along, Angie has adjusted her career to accommodate the active life of her daughters. She now works as a Marketing and Development Coordinator for Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care. When not working, she enjoys chauffeuring her kiddos around and watching the latest chick flick with her husband – much to his dismay. When time permits she enjoys a good pinterest project and reading a good novel.


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