What Women REALLY Mean When We Say…


One of life’s greatest mysteries is the mind of women. 

We’ve mastered the art of psychological warfare, 

our search skills rival the best CIA agent, 

yet we’ll soften like a roll of Charmin for something as simple as seeing a stray dog.

Sometimes, it’s easier to solve an algebraic equation than to understand the way we think (even though to us it’s very obvious).

So if you need further clarification, let me interpret some common phrases:

  1. “When you get a minute, could you do ______?”
    This means do it now. Thank you and God bless.
    In our mind, if it doesn’t get done now, we run the risk of it not getting done at all. Helping us cross things off of our to do list eliminates stress and actually attracts us to you. Your acts of service miiight just pay off in ways that you’ll appreciate after hours.
  2. “Never mind, I’ll do it myself.”
    This means it’s too late and we wish we could’ve relied on you. Despite our best efforts to move forward, we will remember this later, at some point, for some purpose. We forget nothing. It’s blessing and a curse.
  3. “You do you.”
    This means don’t do you. In fact, if you DO do you, there could be irreparable consequences. I cannot stress this enough, lean IN when she is giving you the green light to lean out. You’ve just become a participant in our relationship Rubik’s Cube and you can solve it with consistency and communication.
  4. “I’m fine.”
    This could mean a few things. Maybe she IS fine, but the fact that you’re picking up a mood where you need to ask probably means she is not. This response means “I’m trying to process something and I need some space until I’m ready to spell it out for you…and when I do, please hear me out and don’t run away.” Safety and security are everything to a woman.
  5. *Silence*
    This means she is done. When a woman stops fighting with you or taking the time to explain herself, she is already emotionally retreating. I highly encourage you to call her, not just text, or seek some time with her to ask her what she needs.
  6. “I’m exhausted.”
    This means she is overwhelmed, sleepy, probably hungry, wants help around the house without having to ask, needs a kid-free moment to herself and could use a massage. Also, she feels this way all.the.time. So please hug her, tell her she’s beautiful and lighten her load. I promise, this will make her feel loved. 

Relationships are not 50/50. They’re 100/100.

And both partners should be accountable for any lack of effort or destructive behavior patterns. This guide is shared only to help comprehend the complex and creative mind of a woman.

There are many more clarifications to come, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much wisdom all at once.

Ladies, did I miss anything?

Forever fluent in female,


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