Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for the Last-Minute Mom


Simple Ideas
Teacher Appreciation Week is THIS WEEK! Are you ready?

I don’t know about you, but spring is such a busy time and buying or creating a great, really
cute, really wanted gift can be stressful for me. I will admit that I often think about it for weeks and in the end I settle for a gift card, call it good, and feel like a flunky for not producing a “Pinterest worthy” gift. But what teachers want you to know is that they are great with that. They love gift cards and they love simple. Yes creative gifts are so cute! Sometimes they are so wonderful you either don’t want to use them or they are adorable but not useful. Really teachers are grateful for the thought, because it really is the thought that counts.

I taught for a few years before having kids and I got some great gifts; wonderful drawings, notes from parents that made me cry, and great items like a candle that I loved. Now that I am the mom giving the gifts I like to stay on top of what teachers really want.

So I talked to several of my teacher friends and they loved the idea of passing on information to you anonymously.

What Teachers REALLY Love:

1. They all agreed they love getting personal notes, letters and drawings.

2. A gift card for $5 is fabulous (actually, any gift card is great).

3. Teacher supplies are also well loved and appreciated.

On the flip side however, there are a few items that are better left at the store.

1. Candles – just because you love the way one smells doesn’t mean they will.

2. Lotions – unless you are 13, you don’t need a gazillion lotions.

3. Mugs and teacher themed items – because you can only have so many mugs and apple knickknacks.

It seems like a $5 Sonic, Starbucks, or Subway card is the clear winner over the fore mentioned.

Really what all teachers want you to know is that they need to hear thank you because they teach not for the summers off, or for the fame, and definitely not for the money; but they teach for the kids, and for the love of learning, and to see someone love a book or math or science. So when it comes to teacher appreciation gifts, do not stress, keep it simple and say thank you with a kind note of sincere thanks and maybe a gift card to a place you think they might love like Starbucks, Amazon, Academy, or H& M (because a certain teacher asked).

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