What I Want My Daughter to Know About Mean Girls


girl bullies

To You, My Beautiful Little Free Spirit,

I look at your sweet face and watch your kind gestures. I run with you, I pretend with you, and I talk about everything under the sun with you. My job as your momma is to love you and guide you in your journey of life.

I know that I cannot keep you from everything and that you must go out into the world and experience the diversity around us. Sometimes, I wish I could just freeze time and play on the swings with you. I truly love how you shout out a planet and try to swing high to reach it. I love your imagination and this innocence and I hope you always keep that. You and your brother are my favorite people.

Since I can’t protect you from everything, I feel that I need to tell you a little bit about Mean Girls. These girls will hurt you with their words and their glares; they may not invite you to their birthday party or sleep over. Often times, these are the girls who are hurting inside and unfortunately, mean girls aren’t something you will outgrow as you age.

My advice to you, Addison…girl bullies

  • LOVE the mean girl. Pour love into her, even if she rejects it. She probably really needs it.
  • Don’t let her words get to you. Rise above it all, just as we’ve taught you.
  • Never lose sight of who you are.
  • Never forget to be true to yourself.
  • Never allow toxicity into your circle of friends.
  • Surround yourself with people who will only have a good influence on you (Daddy and I will do our part to make sure this happens).

And, Addie, for those days when the mean girls get the best of you, and you feel like you’re being tested…I will be here. Just like my mom was there for me. We will go to Starbucks for your favorite hot cocoa, we will sit and chat, and we will say a little prayer for the ones who allowed their words to cause a bruise on your heart. I will remind you that God made you extra special and extra strong, and that this too will pass.

I will be there to make sure you rise above and have the courage and confidence to take on your days with nothing but pure LOVE. Shoot for the stars, Addie, and don’t let the mean girls get you down.

Your Momma

Moms – we want to know how you are teaching your daughters to aim for the stars (or the planets). What are you teaching them about mean girls?


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