We’re a Frozen Nugget Kind of Family



No seriously, frozen nuggets. As in, he opens the freezer pulls out the bag of Tyson Dinosaur Nuggets, and starts gnawing on it like a frozen ice pop. And when you stare at him in complete horror (as any sane human would) he looks at you and says “What?” as though he was nibbling on an apple.


The first time I saw him do this I screamed with panic and had him spit it out and throw it away instantly as I grabbed my phone and googled what kind of parasite I just knew was going to be growing from his body.


Turns out… I got nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero parasites coming his way. Thanks a lot, Google, anytime I have a sore thumb I’m next in line for amputation due to some rare disease but when my son is chowing down on frozen nuggets you give me nothing!


So when the next time came, because of course, it was going to, and he grabbed the bag and happily snacked away… I realized… he’s just fine.


There is so much information out there about what to feed your kids, what not to feed your kids, both in utero and out. So much information that it is causing arguments from all sides and actual divides between people and judgment, so much judgment. And here’s the deal, no matter what you choose, they’re going to be fine.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying let your kids run amuck in the frozen food aisle or chug a 12-pack of Sprite, but what I am saying is that maybe instead of us focusing on the foods we are steering them toward or from we should focus on the relationships we are creating with them and food. Those relationships and mindsets will far outlast their desire to sneak Halloween candy at 7 am. Those attitudes and views toward food will carry them into adulthood and help them cultivate a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Everything in moderation right?

My son may eat frozen chicken nuggets but he also picks fruit over candy, has never had soda, and isn’t a big bread fan (the last part makes me think he’s not mine).
The point? Balance. They’re kids. They’re not going to love everything you want them to and you’re not going to love everything they do.

They will survive. They will be healthy. They will be happy. Give them grace for being kids and having quirky habits and tastes and move forward. Because one day they’ll be grown-ups eating kale salads and lemon water and you can remind them of their frozen chicken-eating days. 


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