Weird Things People Say to Pregnant Women


Recently a group of half a dozen women and I got into a conversation about the weird things people have said to us while we were pregnant. We all had a crazy story to share. I was kinda stunned…and then curious.

So I took to social media to poll more women. Yep, sure enough, I got a lot of responses of completely inappropriate things woman had heard while pregnant. 

I am here to share some of those responses. First, though, let it be known that the women clarified that none of these off-the-wall things were said or asked of them by a sister, friend, or anyone close. These comments came from strangers in line at the grocery store, distant relatives only seen every other year, male coworkers, etc. . . 

For example, while the question, “How do you expect your milk production to be with this baby?” might be a normal question from your mom, it is an odd question from a dude at work who is in a completely different department-on another floor-that you have little to no interaction with. Context is important here. So let’s start there.

Questions that seem normal but are uncomfortable when asked from an inappropriate source: 

“Was this planned?”

“You know what causes that, right?”

“Will you be breastfeeding?”

“Is your cervix dilated yet?”

“Can I touch your belly?”

Those fun comments about size:

“You finally have boobs!”

“Girl, you are fat!”

“Are you having twins? Or triplets?” 

“That baby must be coming any day. You look like you are going to pop!”

“Your thighs have gotten bigger too.”

Some of the creepiest:

“Throughout my pregnancy a male coworker kept trying to explain different stages of my own pregnancy to me, like how my hormones were changing and why I was experiencing morning sickness. Another thought it would be helpful to let me know that I could plan on getting bigger as my pregnancy progressed. This was my third child.”

“My husband’s boss would tell me I didn’t look pregnant from behind.”

“At work, I was introduced to a man I didn’t know, who was there for a meeting. While shaking my hand he kept holding onto it. He kept saying how much he looooooved pregnant women and how all pregnant women are “so beautiful.” He lingered way too long.”

Just no:

“What is pregnant sex like?”

“Have you been gassier since becoming pregnant?”

“How cute, you are already waddling.”

“You have good birthing hips.”

Oh I remember when (and proceeds to tell horror stories of pregnancies and/or deliveries).”

It seems pregnant women fall in some sort of a social black hole where people feel it’s okay to blur the lines of acceptable behavior. Have you experienced this? What crazy comments or questions have you heard while pregnant? 



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