We Weren’t Done: A Teacher’s Letter To Her Students


Dear Students,

I wish I could see all of you right now! It would make me so happy to give each of you a hug and hear all about what you have been up to.

I want all of us to be safe and that means we won’t be together for the rest of the year.  It doesn’t mean I am happy about it though!

I miss you – we weren’t done.

I miss all your hugs and our secret handshake at the end of the day. I miss the pictures you would draw me during indoor recess. I miss watching you learn something new and the look on your faces when you “got it”. I miss reminding you to put your names on your papers and telling you to settle down. I miss hearing your roses and thorns at the end of the day. I would give anything to be able to read you, Junie B. Jones, in person instead of on video.

We weren’t done being together and I hate that our time was cut short. We weren’t done laughing at each other’s jokes or being silly. We weren’t done learning new things. We weren’t done helping each other when something was tough or being there when one of us was having a rough day. We weren’t done exploring or taking a field trip. Most importantly I wasn’t done loving on you and being there for you.

I usually give a little speech on the last day of school to send my kids off for the summer.  Since I didn’t get to do that, there are a few things I want you to know.

You are amazing.  Don’t forget that and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.

You are smart.  So smart!  Each one of you has come so far this year.  Keep learning and never be afraid to make mistakes.  You won’t learn without making mistakes.

Each of you has a kind heart. Don’t change.  Even when others hurt you, don’t forget to keep being kind. 

Be brave. Don’t let anything or anyone intimidate you. You are all meant to do amazing things. 

I love each one of you and I will always be in your corner. No matter how old you get or what school you are at.  I will be there if you need me.

I am so grateful for the time we got to spend together.  Even though we won’t be back in our classroom again we will still see each other and hopefully, you won’t be too cool to give your first-grade teacher a hug or a high five.

Kara Grafton is a first grade teacher at Russell Dougherty Elementary School in Edmond and the mother of two adorable girls. 


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