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It’s been a long year…one we never envisioned or planned on. As mamas, there have been many times this year that we didn’t even know what we needed. And as an OKC Mom team, we want to meet YOUR needs to the best of our ability. We are deeply passionate about providing you relevant content, bringing our community together, and about being a place where every last mama in town feels that she belongs.

There have been many things we had to cancel this year – both playdates and events we love. We’ve missed connecting with you in person, and we know that many of those things will continue to be on hold as we look toward a new year. BUT. Our passion hasn’t changed. Our love for you and for this community is as strong as ever, and we will continue to be here to provide you relevant content, support you, and encourage you. We want to know who you are and what you need – even if you don’t always know yourself. We’d be honored if you would fill out this form so that we can better serve you in the months ahead. All our love to you, mamas.

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