Tykester Brings a Sigh of Relief to a New or Not so New Momma


I remTykesterember the first time I left my first child in the arms of someone else.  Even though it was with her adoring Mima and she was 6 months old, I couldn’t bear to be away from her.  She had never left my side and that 45 minute date night with my husband at a coffee house down the road was traumatic – for me, not her.  I think I spent more time on the phone with my mother checking on my daughter than I did enjoying the much needed time with my hot hubby.  I wished I had discovered Tykester 6 years ago, because then I could have kept up with exactly how my daughter was doing in real time and possibly relaxed a little more.

Whether it’s the 1st or 1,000th time away from your child, it’s always a joy to be able to get a glimpse of what your child is doing.  Tykester let’s you do exactly that and much more!

So what is Tykester? Basically, it’s a super easy way for childcare providers to stay in touch with parents.  It’s quick, easy, efficient and an absolute fun way to stay connected with your child even when you are apart!  

Tykester Quick Glance

Tykester is a FREE app created by parents who wanted to get more than just a piece of paper about their child at the end of the day. Literally, “Staying Connected is a Breeze!”

Why Tykester is a must have:

  • This is ideal for childcare providers to connect with parents or even just parents to connect with other loved ones!
  • FREE and yet an incredibly valuable tool to see into your children’s day.
  • Social media in a completely private setting.
  • Quick glance tells you whats going on or click for more detailed notes.
  • Easily record naps, feedings & potty times with a quick swipe.
  • No cumbersome logins.
  • Texting & calling capabilities within the app.
  • Controlled by the parent so only those with whom you choose are allowed to share information.
  • Quickly add or remove who is connected to your child’s information.
  • Send or receive information about one or multiple children within seconds.

Tykester Multiple Children


  • Takes only a few minutes to download the app, set up an account, and add  your children (in my case 4).

Click here for iTunes download or here for Google Play.

  • Each child has their own code.
  • Choose who is connected to which child.  Only those with whom you’ve shared the child’s code can see updates.  Add or remove someone quickly.
Finding the "x" to remove a contact using the app on my iphone was the most difficult part about this app.  A quick email and response to & from customer service helped find the almost invisible "x".  I was able to clearly see the "x" on the web interface, which is very user friendly as well.
Finding the “x” to remove a contact using the app on my iPhone was the only difficult moment. A quick email and response to & from customer service helped find the almost invisible “x”. But now you know, so you won’t have any problems. I was able to clearly see the “x” on the web interface, which is very user friendly as well.
  • Write any special notes or instructions.  Ex:  Charlie is allergic to peanut butter, eggs & cheese.
  • Add a picture that will make you smile and you’re ready to get started

With Whom Can You Connect?

  • Childcare providers
  • Weekend Babysitters
  • Mom’s Day Out
  • Church nursery attendants
  • Spouses
  • Deployed military that have internet access, since there is a web interface
  • Family – grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc
  • Truly anyone whom you would like to give updates to or get updates from

Tykester Buttons!

Adding Info in Tykester

  • Food – what did they eat and what did they try to hide

Tykester Food Documenting

  • Sleep – did they get a good enough nap to be able to handle the grocery store or a night out on the town?

Add multiple Children

  • Potty – did the penny that he swallowed yesterday come out? How may  wet diapers vs bms or both?

Potty Tykester

  • What’s up – this is my personal fav!  Here you can take pictures and share what is happening throughout the day.

What's UP Button Tykester

How I see this working for me personally

Keeping My Spouse In the Daily Loop

As a stay-at-home, homeschooling momma extraordinaire, I tend to be around my kids most of the day, but my husband is not, so this will allow me to keep him up to speed on what is going on without him getting a ton of texts.  He will get to look at it throughout the day and see what’s happening, keep up with what the kids are learning and doing and how they are behaving.  Because honestly, by the end of the day, I can hardly remember what happened at the beginning.  My husband thinks it’s so cool to get the updates in real time.

Detailed Glance Tykester

Sharing fun moments with the grandparents & other family or friends

There are just some things only grandparents and not the Facebook world need to see.  And having all the grandparents pre-plugged into each child makes it so much easier to share than even sending a text.  Take a pic, add a note and all those predetermined people get a quick update.  There’s no need to choose the recipient every time, but if you want to add someone new or remove someone quickly, that’s a breeze too.

Enjoying quick glances while I’m out on a date with the hubby or out with the girls!

This app makes it soooo easy for Grandma-ma or a favorite babysitter to quickly take note of something so that when we are reunited with our kiddos, we can focus our attention on them instead of trying to juggle their excited screams with our need to learn about their activity and behavior.

Keeping Tabs on Sick Children

Ok – so this app wasn’t designed specifically for this but it will totally work.  I love the flexibility of this app because truly I can use it for my own logs of how the kids are doing throughout the day instead of having  to make a paper log that I might misplace or make another note in my iPhone notepad.  If one child is sick, I can make a note of the time of his last meal and if it stayed down or not, etc…you’ve had sick kids.  You get the picture!

Journaling My Kids Day

Again, by the time I get a chance to collect my thoughts and write at the end of the day, I’ve usually forgotten the funniest sayings or moments.  This will let me journal & share them in a way that will remind me what to write in their journals.

When Watching my Friend’s Kids

I love kids.  It’s not uncommon to have a few extra at the house so another mother friend can get a quick rest or just so the kids can play with their friends.  However, many children have allergies to different foods. Keeping notes on each kid is a whole lot easier with this app and the parents can update as their allergies change.  And that is why it is so perfect for daycares or other childcare providers.


Read some testimonials about what daycare owners and other parents have to say or go to Tykester.com to find out more about this award winning app in their Q&A section.  Be sure to find them on Facebook too.

 Download the Tykester app now for a FREE, easy, & fun way to stay connected to your kids while you’re away or just to document their day!  

Click here for itunes download or here for Google Play.

How do you plan on using Tykester?  

Already using it?  What do you love about it?

**Disclaimer:: This is a sponsored post on the app Tykester.  However, all opinions are 100% our own!**

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