Top 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life


Are you drowning in the clutter and disorganization of your home?  Do you never seem to have enough hours in your day?  Are you constantly wondering how on earth you are going to get it all done?  It’s possible that your life isn’t too demanding or too complicated, but maybe you are really good at complicating things.  Giving yourself more free time and space may not be as difficult as you thought.  Just follow LifeSquire’s 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life. They aren’t necessarily easy, and they will take time, but if you commit to make a change you’ll reap the rewards.

Go screenless and get more time back in your day.

5. Go Screenless

How much time would you have if you didn’t have to answer every text, email or notification you received?  According to, the average American adult spends 11 hours a day on electronic media.  Obviously some of that time is spent working, answering emails, or watching TV but what electronic media can you afford to cut out?  The phone was made for man – not the other way around.  Don’t be afraid to put the phone or tablet down, turn off the TV and enjoy your surroundings or the company you’re with.

4. Find your Keystone Habit

In “The Power of Habit“, Charles Duhigg describes something called a keystone habit.  A keystone habit is a powerful tool that if used properly gives us a win and motivates us to keep up other positive habits.  For Craig Groschel, senior pastor of Life Church, his keystone habit is brushing his teeth. When he brushes his teeth he flosses, when he flosses he decides to eat better, when he eats better he exercises, gets better sleep, has more energy, works more productively and has time to spend stress free evenings with his family.  My keystone habit is a good night’s sleep, it helps me start my morning happy and energized and I’m more motivated to exercise, eat better and work harder.  Find your keystone habit and you’ll find an easy way to motivate yourself internally.

To-do lists are never ending…but using paper might be more beneficial!

3. Limit Your To-Do List

Let’s be honest, we will always have a to-do list.  Seriously, we are never in the land of “done”.  So let’s keep this really simple.  Instead of creating a 5 page list of things most of which you know you won’t ever get to, limit yourself to 3-5 items in order of importance.  Every day what are 3-5 things that will leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied when you lay your head on your pillow at night?  If you have a full time job and a family you might have a list for each, and if that’s the case you shouldn’t list more than 3 items per list.  Conquer the big items first and then as you have time left in your day, you can decide to keep going for the list or pursue something fun and enjoyable!

2. Donate, Discard, De-clutter

As Americans we all generally have way too many things.  I know you’ve been meaning to have that garage sale, or thinking you should keep this or that because “one day the kids might grow into it or use it”.  Honestly life would be simpler if you knew where everything was and could just go grab it when you NEEDED it instead of wading through boxes of, let’s be honest, junk that you haven’t touched in years.  If it’s a high value item that is in good condition try to take it to a resale shop or sell it on Craigslist.  But for everything else you haven’t used lately, create 3 piles: Donate, Discard and Keep; then eliminate what isn’t in the keep pile.  Here’s a tip for deciding what to get rid of in your closet: turn all your hangers completely around so they are backwards.  When you wear something turn the hanger around the correct way.  After 3 months, whatever you haven’t worn will be facing the wrong way and that is what you should donate.

1. Seek the Experts

Please, please, please, stop using Pinterest as a road map.  I love learning new things, and expanding my skills and knowledge but not everything is DIY and not everything you do has to be worthy of Pinterest.  Your 1 year old doesn’t need the cutest, most magnificent birthday party complete with photo booth or handmade from scratch organic gluten free food!  There’s nothing wrong with ordering the cake, buying the party favors and having a simple gathering at home.  You don’t have time to do everything yourself; that’s why experts exist.  If hiring someone to do a quality job in a timely manner will free you up to help your kid with their homework or engage in a hobby after work, wouldn’t you consider that an excellent investment?

And if you’re ready to simplify your life but a 5 item list was enough to send your head into a tizzy call the experts! LifeSquire is a personal concierge service that specializes helping our clients simplify their to-do list.  This was a sponsored post by LifeSquire. We take joy in blessing people and helping them tackle their life so they have time to do what’s most important to them.  After all, life awaits! Contact us toll free at 844.778.4731 or visit for more information.



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