5 Drugstore Beauty Products Every Mom Needs


I catch myself standing in the local Walgreens or CVS looking at every product available and still don’t know which product I should try, take home, and then let live in the cave of products that exists in my bathroom drawer. I call it my product junkie abyss.

The drugstore aisles for toiletries and makeup are notoriously difficult to navigate for a product junkie like me. It’s tough to know which things are worth your money and time and which things aren’t.

We can all agree there is something very satisfying about buying a drugstore item rather than a department store item and saving some cash. I tried quite a few in 2015 and these are the Top 5 that will take me through 2016 and not live in the abyss of products.

unnamed-31. Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

Where do I begin with this product? Time saver. Worth the money. I’ll never go back to regular lotion. A friend of mine told me about it because she said she would forget to put on lotion and also didn’t like the process of putting it on and waiting for it dry, etc. She started using this new in-shower body lotion and it was absolutely wonderful according to her. I wasn’t sure it would work for me because I have ethnic skin and I need lotion with a little more “oomph” for my dry skin. Nivea was very smart and they make 4 different in-shower body lotions. Their tagline is Wash, Apply, Rinse, and Go. It’s really that easy and the last thing you do before finishing your shower, it’s glorious! I have tried other brands that make an in-shower body lotion, and I have to tell you Nivea is THE BEST! I have used all 4 and my favorite for my dry skin is the nourishing very dry skin product. It works. It saves time. It’s worth the cost. This product runs between $8-$9 a bottle and lasts a full month or a little more depending on how much you use. (Sidenote, do not dry yourself off afterwards by wiping your body harshly, just pat dry.)

unnamed-12. Kiss Light As A Feather Lashes

I wear fake lashes on a daily basis and I am asked quite frequently if they are my real lashes, fake lashes, or lash extensions. I am a lash girl; I wasn’t naturally born with long lush lashes. I don’t want to spend the time putting on loads of mascara in steps, or curling them, etc. I’ve had lash extensions and while I love them and think they are fabulous, it comes down to budget for me. I spend $4 a week on a box of fake lashes, and one box lasts me a full week. I take them off every night before I go to bed and then I put them back on after my shower and makeup routine. I have tried $65 fake lashes and $2 fake lashes -my all time favorite lashes are by Kiss. I personally love the “Light As A Feather” lashes. The most natural looking ones are Shy and Chic, and if you are looking for some drama and more of a pop, I would go with Pretty, Flirty, and Posh. If there is one girly skill to possess this year it’d be for you to successfully learn how to put on fake lashes. I You-Tubed videos and I eventually got it down where each eye takes 1 minute and they don’t look like I was on a 4 wheeler trying to put them on. I put on the lash which takes about a minute, let it dry for a minute, and then I apply two swipes of mascara. I always carry my eyelash glue with me, because the Oklahoma strong wind and random crying sessions make them come loose. The cost will range between $4-$5 per box. (I recommend buying the little glass bottle with the purple top of Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive in clear, it works the best IMO!)

unnamed-43. Simple Facial Wipes

I keep a package on my nightstand and they are a life saver, don’t harm your face, and they take care of makeup, oil, dirt, and anything else that you need taking care of. They are great as a wipe down shower when you don’t have time for a real shower. The brand is Simple and they make 4 different types of facial wipes: Cleansing, Exfoliating, Oil-Balancing, and Radiance. I have tried them all and love them all. My personal favorites are Cleansing and Oil-Balancing in the Summer/Spring, and Exfoliating/Radiance in the Winter/Fall. I keep the Cleansing ones on my nightstand on a consistent basis for those nights that I don’t want to get up to wash my face. (Whoops!) I have oily/combo acne prone skin and none of these wipes have ever effected my skin in a negative way. Simple is known as the “sensitive skin experts”. I genuinely appreciate that they are a company who don’t use harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes or dyes, and parabens in their products. (BTW, what the heck is a paraben? I will Google it later.) The cost will range between $6-$9 per package.

unnamed4. Fleurology Spray Serum infused with Moroccoan Argan Oil

Where my curly haired girls at? This is magic! Wash your hair, towel dry it, spray this ALL over your hair when it’s damp, blow dry with your diffuser on low with medium heat, and boom – PERFECT CURLS! It won’t give you volume at the crown of your head, but it’ll make your curls look beautiful! Seriously! If you have straight hair, this is magic after you’ve finished styling and want some shine that isn’t greasy, but spray VERY little on your dry hair. Curly hair girls, spray A LOT all over your hair when it’s damp! You will usually find this product on the sides of the aisle near the hair products or the travel items. It’s absolutely wonderful and worth every penny. The cost will range between $6-$8 per bottle. The bottle is 2.5 oz.

unnamed-25. ChapStick Hydration Lock Day and Night

Buy at least 3 of them. One for your car, one for your nightstand, and one for your purse. You won’t regret it. I love this product. One end is for daytime use, one end is for nighttime use. Yes, I have used both ends in one day while in my car. Morning time drop off and errands, I use the day time side, night time errands or coming home from a night out, I use the night time side. Promotes 24 hour care, 2 formulas in 1, and the night time end of it helps replenish and provides antioxidants. (Great! Another word I hear all the time and should really Google what it is.) The cost will range between $4-$5 per tube.

Share your favorite “they’ve made it” in your arsenal of must-have products for women from the drugstore. We are always looking for new things to try that really work, are easy on the budget, and hassle free with a kid in tow to buy.

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Patty is a Texas gal who relocated to Oklahoma in 2005 with her now ex-husband and two kids. She became an instant mom when she met her ex-husband in Austin, TX. Her kids were 4 and 6 at the time, they are now 21 and 23! She loves her blended & diverse family dynamic and her sweet French Brittany bird dog named Harper. After being happily married for 12 years, and now venturing through being happily divorced, you can bet her life is quite the adventure. She Style Coaches professionally, enjoys coaching women in refining and defining their style, drinking a well made latte, living by the golden rule of “no talking before 10am”, craft beer, charcuterie trays, true breakfast tacos, bread, the fall season, tattoos, and saying “YES” to any adventures. Get tips and inspiration by following her style coaching on Instagram & Twitter @pattystylecoach, and Facebook – Patty Rankin Style Coach. Check out her business at www.pattystylecoach.com


  1. My fav drugstore product is maybelline mascara. I’ve tried all the expensive brands and they all pretty much look the same and need to be replaced after three months. I wait until they have a buy one get one free deal and stock up. My other beauty indulgence is high-end hairspray. I hate the way cheap hairspray leaves my hair feeling sticky or heavy. I’ve started investing in the $20 bottles and it makes a huge difference. Right now, I’m loving the Bed Head brand called Hard Head. It’s perfect but pricey. I wait until one of the beauty stores has their annual sale for about $8 a bottle and buy 10 at a time. This way I almost never run out during the year and I don’t have to feel guilty about using super expensive hairspray.

    • Malori,
      I have heard that the classic pink and green tube of maybelline mascara is wonderful. I still haven’t tried it after all these years. I LOVE high end hairspray too. I can tell a HUGE difference and it’s almost like it makes my hair healthier. LOL. I have tried bed head and it smells so good. I like the purple bottle of Kerastase and I love the white bottle of Kevin Murphy. Thanks for sharing.


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