To the Dads in Our Lives…




When I was in preschool and kindergarten, my father would surprise me by picking me up in the middle of the day for fun little outings.  Many times we would go visit my mom while she was teaching.  I would get to sing in front of her Spanish class and then run across the hall to get a cookie from the home Ec room.  Then my dad would take me bowling or to feed the ducks or for ice cream.  I remember laughing a lot and feeling so special, knowing that when he had some spare time, he chose to spend it with me!


I can still remember the day my dad tried to save a whale…a blow up one, that is.  We were at the beach {East Coast} and were playing on a blow up whale that we loved – ya know, the big kind that looks like Shamu.  It somehow got away from my sister and I and we were so distraught.  My dad ran into the ocean and I’m sure swam until his arms could barely move, but he tried to chase that silly whale down for us since we loved it so.  I will never forget watching it get smaller and smaller on the horizon and remember thinking my dad was a hero for trying to save it.


I have many fond memories of my dad throughout my childhood. I am blessed to have him in my life and would like to share two favorite memories. He took my sister and I each out on our first date when we turned 16. Just me and him. He wanted to model how a proper gentleman should treat a lady and used that one on one time to discuss the importance of choices in who to date and become friends with in life. He also gave me a a special necklace that night that I hold dear. Another fond memory I have is that our church youth group usually took a “senior class trip” but my class was without a youth minister that year so my father stepped up to volunteer to plan and take us on a trip. He often stepped into that role when our church was in need and I am so thankful for his willingness to take his personal time to take some teens on fun summer trip!


My dad is one of the most structured people I know. That makes him reliable in a way I will never be. Our family used to go to the beach every year, and in the midst of all of the usual beach fun, my dad could be counted on for a sand castle day. An entire morning dedicated to making the fairest castle on the shore. To this day, if we go to the beach, you bet there will be a sand castle day. I have many sweet memories of watching him construct and giving grace when I would knock a tower over while filling the mote. Thanks, Dad!


I have a ton of memories about my dad that I love to think about. My dad was and is always larger than life. He knows everything about everything and is an amazing person who I have come to appreciate even more as an adult. When I was in Kindergarten, we lived in Midland, Texas and my dad worked for an oil company. About that same time the nation hit the big oil bust of the 80’s and my dad lost his job. I was in school half a day and then went to after school care for the afternoon while my mom taught at the school. When my dad lost his job, I didn’t have to go to after school care anymore because my dad would come and get me. Looking back on it now, I know this was probably a very stressful time in my parent’s life and especially for my dad who was the sole provider for a family of five. That’s not what I remember about this time, though. What I remember is that my dad came and picked me up and we spent every afternoon hanging out. He made me fried bologna sandwiches, we hung out at his office (of course he was cleaning out his office) and we had the best time. Like I said, it was a stressful time for him I’m sure, but in my kindergarten mind, it was a magical time with my dad!


Potato chips and ice cream.  Those are two things that will always make me think about my father.  We share a healthy love for both of those items and I often joke they “run in my blood.”  Since I’ve moved to Oklahoma City and had a child, trips home mean a secret stash of potato chips and a blizzard date with my father – he always gets a small one with M&M’s and I always order a small one with Snickers. It’s become our thing and one of the moments I always make time for, no matter how short my visit.


Saturday mornings are a special memory that I have of my dad. When I was in elementary school and early middle school years, he’d take time out of his busy Saturdays to treat me to breakfast at a small family run restaurant. We didn’t go every week, but when we did it was the highlight of my weekend. Our time together was filled with stories from our week, jokes, and he would always quiz me on math and spelling. I’m not sure how many napkins we used to write out math problems over the years, ha!


Unfortunately, I grew up without an actual father in my life. FORTUNATELY, I grew up with an awesome grandpa whom I call my Poppy! My relationship with my Poppy is so very genuine and unique. One of our unique bonding times is by the way of garage sales.  We love to go together to find “treasures”. Poppy takes it very seriously to the point where he will call me to get upset if I go without him. He always tells me that he wants to learn how to take pictures with his smartphone so he can text pictures of treasures that he finds. He has been there for me when I needed a father in my life. A memory that will forever hold a place in my heart will be sitting on his lap looking into his eyes and saying “You are my pal, right?” His response, “I am your pal and you will be my pal forever and ever.” I love YOU Poppy! Happy Father’s Day!


I always enjoyed doing things with my dad growing up but what truly touches me is seeing the interaction between my girls and my dad.   My girls will always remember Grandpa taking them to Sonshine School and the special songs they sing and the routine that is just theirs.  Grandpa makes their face light up when he comes to their sporting activities and school functions.  I’m glad my girls get to share those same special moments with my dad like I did growing up. Those are times that will always be cherished.


I remember one winter it was really cold, below freezing. And he went into the backyard and built a huge ramp, and every 30 minutes or so he’d go back out to spray it with water. He had built an ice track and just like that my brother and I were able to sled from the very back corner of the yard all the way into the front yard. It was just about the coolest thing and I remember feeling so proud that my dad was the only dad on the street to think of something so fun. That’s just one story of hundreds. Not only is he a good man, but he’s also just a big kid with big ideas that are big fun. I’m so proud I get to call him my dad.


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