To My Son’s Therapist

Homemade sensory bins are a great quiet time activity at our house

Dear Miss Lauren,

You have helped my son in tremendous ways and I can never thank you enough for the confidence you helped give him. You helped give me confidence too.

My son first came to you with some sensory issues. To be honest, I thought sensory disorders were something completely made up. You took the time to explain it to me but I was still skeptical. I was willing to give therapy a try though because I wanted to do everything in my power to give my child the tools he needed to succeed.

We had a rough time of it before we came to you. He started having trouble with being too aggressive with other kids at his MDO program. He wasn’t being mean; it was just the way he interacted. Someone actually told me that he was too dangerous to be in class with other kids. A little 3-year-old boy…too dangerous. That comment upset me more than I can ever express. I knew that he was a good kid and that sometimes little boys can just be rough & wild. I also knew that there was likely a bit more to it than just that. I wasn’t sure exactly what the solution was but I set out to find it.

Although I still look back on that experience as negative, I’m thankful it happened. Without it, we may have never started down the road that led us to your office.

His occupational therapy started out slow. My son didn’t want to cooperate with you and I was worried that we might be walking down the wrong path with him. You were so good with him and he began to trust you and look forward to seeing you every week. You even let me be a part of all his therapy sessions, which really opened my eyes. Slowly but surely I began to see improvements in him, which was a good reminder to me that he wasn’t the bad kid he was being labeled to be. He talked about you all week long in between sessions as we worked on the skills that you requested he practice at home.

This crash pad has been a great sensory tool at home

When we eventually hit a bump in the road called insurance, you went above and beyond to help me deal with them. They, however, went against your recommendation and decided not to pay for any more therapy sessions. I was devastated. After all the progress he’d made, would he start to regress? We were so sad to say goodbye to you. Sometimes insurance just sucks!

You assured me that he would be fine and sent me away with a lot of information on things we could continue to work on at home. The part you don’t know yet is that he hasn’t regressed. He’s thrived! He’s more social than I ever thought was possible. I can’t get him to stop talking and he wants to make new friends wherever we go. He interacts with his new friends without the aggressiveness that was there before. He’s a 4 ½ year old that’s ready to take on Pre-K at the big boy school (that’s what he calls the public elementary school that he’s attending now)! He’s a completely different kid now than when we first met you. I couldn’t be more proud of my little boy!

I know you’re busy helping other kids and their parents the same way you helped us.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having a heart for working with kids. Your care & knowledge is so appreciated. I never thought that I would look back on this period of time in amazement at how much therapy made a difference in his life. Your work is truly life changing.


A Thankful Mother




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