To A New Children’s Consignment Sale


::Disclosure:: This is a sponsored post for the consignment sale, To A New Children’s Consignment Sale. In addition, Maria and Kara received a small gift for shopping at this sale. However, all opinions are 100% their own.::


I love going to consignment sales because there are always treasures to be found. When I heard about the new sale, To A New, I was beyond thrilled because my baby girl was growing faster than her wardrobe. It got added to my calendar and I anxiously counted down the days until I got to shop. When the day arrived and I got to the downtown Edmond area, the sale was easy to find. The co-owners did a fantastic job of having signs to guide our way. There was no way to get lost. And with my husband and three little girls in tow, I was thankful that we weren’t driving around in circles looking for the sale.

What I loved about To A New Children’s Consignment in Edmond

4 pairs of Children's Place shoes that are brand new with tags!
4 pairs of Children’s Place shoes that are brand new with tags found at To a New Children’s Consignment Sale!

Since this was the first time for the sale, I knew that I shouldn’t expect loads of things to choose from, but as soon as we stepped into the space, it was so nice to see how organized and quiet the sale was. Even though my girls loudly filled the room, I was able to look around and not worry that they would be running somebody else over. I can’t say that about any other consignment sale that I’ve been to. It was so nice to browse at my own pace and even though I arrived late on the first day, there were still some great things that I’m still pumped about buying…. including four pairs of sandals that are brand new with tags! I’ll be thrilled once Spring and Summer arrives to pull those out for my big girls.

To a New is definitely a great sale that has a ton of potential. Co-owner Ashley was very friendly and was great to chat with about the sale. It was fun to watch her talk about the sale with such excitement! She knows what it takes to build a successful sale and I can’t wait to see how it grows in the years to come.


I am a sucker for a great deal. It does not matter whether it’s a garage sale, thrift store, or consignment sale… I will be there. So when given a chance to go to the To A New sale in Edmond, I was thrilled. It was a new experience and I love seeing how things operate, what they have, and how they grow over time.

To A NewWhat I loved about To A New Children’s Consignment in Edmond

It was not an overwhelming experience. Sometimes I walk into places, and I just feel a rush of anxiety. However, that was absolutely not the case this time around. While I know that this sale will continue to grow (and I am so excited to see it do so), it was nice not feeling like I was wading through toys and clothes up to my neck. There were still tough choices, but no anxiety attack to go with it.

It was very well organized and even had a table section separating boys and girls clothes which was very helpful in navigating. Plus there was a large selection of great maternity clothes too!

There were so many great buys on really quality and harder to find items. I have itty-bitty babies so even newborn is really too big when first born; therefore finding great preemie items is always a plus. I found lots of unstained and cute NB and preemie clothes for my new little one on the way. I also bought and saw several great outfits that weren’t littered with cartoon characters and screen printed with words. I know it might just be me, but I don’t allow that on my kids. So to see such great clothing that was very universal and in great condition made my heart sing a little.

Why You Should Consign at To A New Children’s Consignment Sale

I know that even more great items will show up as the word gets out about this little gem and I know that means even more great finds and buys. I also think they have a great system going. For the spring sale, To A New is going to host a tagging party a few weeks before the Spring sale. I know that with other sales it can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task to consign and I think this is a fun and inventive way to make it less stressful.

They also have a consignor loyalty program. While I had planned to consign this first time, pregnancy got the best of me… but next time! That way after 4 sales, there is no fee on the fifth. Another incentive, if you refer a consignor, you also get a reduced fee of $5 for that same sale. Military families also get to shop at the pre-sales if you show them your military ID.

Ashley and Jessica, the co-owners of this sale, have made it quite easy to find, consign, and get some great deals at this new consignment sale.  So, get out your calendars and mark down their next sale date – you won’t want to miss it!

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