TL;DR Mom Prepares For Back-To-School, Can’t Take It


School is starting and to be honest, I’m freaking out. Being on the parenting side of back-to-school is a doozy. I remember looking for my school supply list from an endcap at Wal-Mart, finding the cutest folders, and obsessing over what to wear on the first day to impress my “Ethan Craft,” lookalike crush.

But now?! With my children on the other end of the scenario I question how children this age could be ready for formal learning. Shouldn’t they be playing and adventuring? A shocking realization, “Hmm…I’m crunchier than I thought.” 

Have I given my kids enough love and encouragement and [email protected]$$ery to handle themselves at school? Are they going to make friends easily? And is fear of public restrooms a dominant or recessive trait?This Is Fine creator explains the timelessness of his meme ...For the very first time, instead of being the parent trying to make sure that I’ve taught no as a full sentence, how to respect others, how to stand up for yourself, how to wipe AND wash hands properly, reflecting on our actions and words, and that potty humor isn’t appropriate. Now I get to be the parent figuring out the dynamic between my other children and myself while my oldest is at school.

The summer has been a constant reminder of how fast time passes. A birthday, a tooth lost, teachers met, and a whole new cognizance of the world.

I always thought it was ridiculous to become emotional when kids went to school, but this sweet human that I created and nurtured and love with my whole self has made me realize that I’ll never have enough time. I’ll always want more.

This is, by far, the hardest part of being a parent for me. I’ll try to enjoy these days before car pick-up lines. I’ll put down the phone and play, stop making reels and make memories instead, and just spend time with my kid.

Honestly, Godspeed to all of us. Especially those of us doing this for the first time.

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.


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