Attn: Dads – Here’s How to Make Mother’s Day 2020 the Best One Yet


We are not even five months into 2020 and it’s already been a rough year, for everyone, especially moms.

Things are different, and this is HUGE-but your child will NOT bring home gifts for mom this year (No macaroni necklaces, no homemade cards with little handprints and poems, and no cute little popsicle picture frames).

Some of these ideas may have to be used at a later date – once more businesses open up – and will vary based on what you’re comfortable with, keeping social distancing in mind. 

Here are some tips to help you make Mother’s Day 2020 one she will remember for years to come.

*Moms LOVE homemade cards.

*They also love store-bought cards.

* Photos with you and the kids.  

* Hire maid service for a year or a few times. 

* New pajamas.
* A potted plant she can enjoy for months even years to come.

* A beautiful journal and a nice pen.

* A tile if she is always losing her keys and new keyring.

* A spa day with facial, massage, mani and pedi

* New workout clothes and yoga mat or new running shoes

* I usually do not ever recommend kitchen appliances, vacuums, etc. as gifts because I don’t want a gift to remind me I need to clean or cook. But, with all the time we’ve spent at home, a new stand mixer, instant pot, or Roomba vacuum may be just the thing! 

* If she is the jeans and t-shirt type, maybe a shirt with the kids’ pictures on it. (I was gifted a sweatshirt my first Christmas with my baby’s photo on it and I still wear it proudly 29 years later)

* Gift cards are not always personal, but if she’s picky, let her pick her own clothes. (Check her size by looking at what she wears now!)

* If she loves to craft, find out what’s the latest big-budget item she’s been drooling over. Gift cards to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s would be a hit for crafty moms.

* A date night coupon book. This will take a little effort on your part, but think of 12 fun date night ideas and create a coupon book. I will give you a few examples:

* Classic dinner and a movie (Even if it’s at home! Take care of bedtime, order in, and spring for a new release on-demand). 

* Recreate your first date (if you need help with details, ask her what was her favorite memory of your first date)

* Picnic

And dad, these dates need to be well-planned. This gift takes work year-round, but I have faith in you! Don’t forget to line up childcare.

If you are not sure of what she wants, at dinner tell her, “You will never guess what I got you for Mother’s Day!”
What she guesses is what she really wants.

And the ultimate Mother’s Day Dream is this…

Plan a weekend momcation. Just mom. This can be done at a hotel – or it can be all accomplished at home. 

Decent hotel room (Or set a no kids allowed rule for mom’s room for a night).
A meal from her favorite restaurants.
Nice bubble bath, lotion, and a soft robe & slippers
And then don’t bother her unless a child is injured enough it requires an ER visit.
Give her a full weekend of nothing. No one asking her to change diapers, cook, clean up spills, do laundry, cut up food, bathe, open a cheese stick, or ask her 1,538 useless questions a day.

If there ever was a time she deserves the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, it’s this year, Dad.

Let her sleep, breakfast in bed. Let her shower in peace, take the kids on a walk, let her nap, and let her know how loved and irreplaceable she truly is.

The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love, honor, and cherish their mother.

You got this, Dad!!

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