Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms and a Chance to Win a #VISINEMorningMakeover!


VISINE Tall (236 x 300)Ever feel like you need some extra time in the morning? Do you ever wish you could turn the clock backwards for a few extra minutes? For busy moms, every minute in the morning is precious and there never seems to be enough of it!

In an effort to make this hectic time of day more manageable, Oklahoma City Moms Blog and the VISINE® Brand are offering moms who live in the Oklahoma City metro area the chance to win a #VISINEMorningMakeover.

What would make your morning go smoother? Would it be a product, a service or something else? We would love for you to share in the comments what you think would help make your mornings more efficient for a chance to win a #VISINEMorningMakeover, then share your answer on Facebook and Twitter with #VISINEMorningMakeover and #Sweeps for a chance to win the grand prize, a “Moms’ Night Out” for you and two of your friends. (More details included below!)

Transform your mornings with the following time-saving tips from nationally-recognized efficiency expert Celia Ward-Wallace on how to effectively manage to-do lists, identify your time-wasters and more to help you take control of your mornings and get back to your normal.

Time-Saving Tips:

Fake it till you make it: Lack of sleep can result in red, irritated eyes. A few drops of VISINE® Original Redness Relief’s fast-acting formula quickly soothes and refreshes red, irritated eyes so whether you’ve had two or eight hours of sleep, VISINE® Original Redness Relief helps you get back to normal fast.

Pad your schedule: You may never actually get there early, but this mindset will give you a much better chance at showing up where you’re supposed to on time.

Limit personal email and computer time in the morning: We all know how easy it is to get sucked in – so just don’t do it. Plan time later in the day or in the evening to spend on email and social networking sites so you don’t find yourself wasting precious time you don’t have in the mornings. Your friends will understand and Facebook will still be there later in the day.

You snooze, you lose: Skip the snooze button and set your alarm for the time you actually need to get up and moving, also, place your alarm clock in a place where you have to physically get up to turn it off to avoid over-sleeping.

Figure out your time wasters: If you spend 10 minutes every morning looking for your keys start putting them on a hook by the door, by figuring out your time wasters and finding solutions, you’ll save time and your sanity.

Cook ahead on the weekend: Prepare and freeze meals for the rest of the week on Sunday evening to avoid feeding your family junk or processed food during the weekdays when schedules are packed and time is tight.

Develop a regular routine: Healthy habits are the foundation of good time management, decide on three tasks that you are going to do every morning and every evening, like emptying the dish washer or tidying up the house, and do them with your family.

Keep an eye on the Oklahoma City Moms Blog, Facebook and Twitter as we share more helpful tips throughout the contest.

Contest Details:

Each week we will pick five, yes FIVE, winners who will receive a gift or service of her choice (valued at up to $2,000) to help make her mornings more efficient so she can focus on what’s really important – her family.

From those winners, a grand prize winner will be chosen to enjoy an evening of pampering at a local spa or a relaxing evening at a local yoga studio followed by dinner at a nearby restaurant for themselves and two friends (valued at up to $3,000). Please see below for all the Terms and Conditions.

**Must be a resident of the Oklahoma City metro area to enter. Read the Terms & Conditions for more information.**


  1. Mornings are hectic with 3 boys, so I always make sure to lay out all outfits for them and me the night before. Also we try to pack as muh of the lunch as we can the night before, but what would make mornings go smoother would be a better coffee maker and a better car for our 15 mile 1-way commute to school, which I make 3 times a day. So coffee is essential.

  2. Help organizing and decluttering our house! Getting everything into streamlined working order before baby #2 comes in November would make everything run so much more smoothly.

  3. I would love to have my two year old fed, dressed and ready to be out the door by 7:20. Breakfast made and ready to go and the coffee made by the time I get up (I still have an old school coffee pot)! Dishes and laundry done and my kitchen clean! Dirty kitchens are my biggest pet peeve. It would be awesome if my son and I could get a makeover for our home!

  4. So many things would be welcomed & revered. A stylist that quickly selects my best look for the day, a couple sets of extra hands to change / dress kiddos, then turn to help prep thus mama, an in home trainer to teach double duty tips as I schlep 1000 items out the door, a healthy, nutritious no-blender-needed-but-more-than-a-two-bite-bar quick day starting breakfast , etc etc

  5. What would make my mornings go smoother is for my 7 month old to sleep through the night consistently. Or maybe nice comfy matress that doesn’t have two big dips in it! 🙂

  6. Exercising in the morning before everyone wakes up makes me a much better mama. I’d love to try the Barre3 classes or Pilates.

  7. Many things would help, but a cook might help with my kids’ picky wants, and I’d love a HMUA/stylist to do something with my hair (other than the requisite “mommy-tail”), my makeup, and my clothes.

  8. I would love to learn to cook simple, delicious and nutritious meals for my family and have someone help me with meal planning, as well as organizing our home to be more “user friendly” for our 16 month old twins and 4.5 year old. Of course, a self cleaning house and a dryer that folds clothes would be awesome! 😉

  9. Having breakfast and lunch prepared for me would be amazing! When I don’t get those things done the night before I always find myself late to work.
    But then again…if someone fixed my hair for me, well that would just be wonderful

  10. A daily blowout … 😉 Definitely a workout or boot camp in the morning! Puts me in a great mood! Also for my fifteen month old to SLEEP. 😉

  11. I would love a Breville coffee and espresso machine. It would make my mornings fast because I would be moving fast with caffeine!


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